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  • Bengaluru, India
  • Full-time

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We dream of a future where it's easy to pay and be paid. Across the planet. Where ever, whenever. Securely. Easily. Together, we are building leading edge self serve analytical management solutions with expertise for solving complex problems and taking a broader prespective to identify innovative solutions.

We are looking for a talented Lead Software Engineer to join our team!

As a Lead Software engineer in Merchant Data Products team you will lead, design, enhance and build our services for Customers in an agile development environment. You will be working with colleagues, who will help, support and challenge you every day. Unit testing, code reviewing, and regular check-ins for continuous integration is just part of your DNA. You will see the code written going to production in few days and used by huge customer base including Apple, Facebook, Nike , Emirates… If this sounds exciting, we would love to chat and tell you more about our work culture and environment

Job Description

As a Lead Software Engineer, you will be part of our Analytics Solutions team to help extensive testing for performance and optimizing Java applications,design enhancements for building our transactional engine in an agile development environment. You will work with colleagues, who will support and challenge you daily. You will be take leadership roles working on multiple projects building full stack development of real-time transactional services, REST services API and Container based services that are highly functional,distributed, secure, scalable and resilient. We believe in self-managing Agile teams who build products end to end focusing on unit testing, code reviews and continuous integration for excellent code quality. You will see the code written and moved to production within just a few days, to then be used by a huge customer base including Facebook, Nike, FedEx, Apple to name a few. You will be driving innovation that makes our products stand apart from our competitors, delight the customer with faster times for market delivery.

If this sounds exciting, we want to chat and tell you more about our work culture and environment and see
if this will be a good fit.

Most important qualities for the candidate are:  

Academics:  Bachelor or Master's degree in Computer Science or related field

Leadership: leading solutions and working with teams to achieve it.  

Curiosity:  A desire to seek clarity of requirements and why tasks are done a certain way

Creativity: The ability to take a list of needs and insights and come up with other innovative ideas.  

Strategic focus: Skill to understand big picture and stay focused on task to achieve goals  

Attention to detail: The capability to perform any research systematically and accurately  

Strong work ethic:  The innate drive to do work extremely well  

Enthusiasm: A passion to understand people and deliver better products and services to them  


- Collect and Monitor key metrics to identify potential performance problems. Establish baselines for various workloads

- Build tools and infrastructure to support performance work. Develop, automate, and execute performance suites and analyze results to evaluate product performance

- Investigate, troubleshoot and fix application, database, and/or systems performance problems

- Review engineering specs on new products and services to identify performance requirements

- Identify performance bottlenecks and implement solutions to eliminate them. Code and test software changes to improve performance.

- Determine hardware/software configurations for optimal performance

- Ability to liaise with multiple groups architects, DBAs, developers, ops etc. to collaboratively troubleshoot performance issues, and resolve bottlenecks

- Ability to analyze large amounts of performance data and summarize them into meaningful graphs and reports

- Your DNA would include following and creating software best practices and processes.

- You coach and mentor your team members and help them grow professionally.

- You’ll lead meeting and discussions with cross-functional and non-technical teams.

-You have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and above all, you are a team player!




  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science or related field and 12+ years of Software Development Experience or a Masters with 10+ years of Software Development Experience.

  • Proven experience leading teams that have delivered high quality large scale enterprise class applications.
  • Excellent ability to translate business requirements and NFRs into performance test strategy, test scenarios and load profile

  • Extensive experience testing for performance and optimizing Java applications.

  • Have experience with applications handling the workload in the bracket of thousands of TPS.

  • Strong experience with performance tools such as JMeter, Load Runner 

  • Good knowledge of performance troubleshooting using heap dumps and thread dumps

  • Good knowledge of performance metrics related to OS, JVM

  • Experience in utilizing performance- monitoring and tuning software for interpreting performance results and identifying bottlenecks (eg., SiteScope)

  • Experience in working with load balancers and multiple web/app/db server technologies (Tomcat, Apache, SQL Server, Oracle etc.)




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