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  • Full-time

Company Description

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Everyone at Visa works with one goal in mind – making sure that Visa is the best way to pay and be paid, for everyone everywhere. This is our global vision and the common purpose that unites the entire Visa team. As a global payments technology company, tech is at the heart of what we do: Our VisaNet network processes over 13,000 transactions per second for people and businesses around the world, enabling them to use digital currency instead of cash and checks. We are also global advocates for financial inclusion, working with partners around the world to help those who lack access to financial services join the global economy. Visa’s sponsorships, including the Olympics and FIFA™ World Cup, celebrate teamwork, diversity, and excellence throughout the world. If you have a passion to make a difference in the lives of people around the world, Visa
offers an uncommon opportunity to build a strong, thriving career. Visa is fueled by our team of talented employees who continuously raise the bar on delivering the convenience and security of digital currency to people all over the world. Join our team and find out how Visa is everywhere you want to be.

Job Description

1. Purpose

The Risk Management (RM) Director serves as the “face of Risk” for the office, countries, Sub-Region or Region they cover. 

Externally, The RM Director’s obligation is to ensure Visa’s interactions with clients, merchants, regulators and other third parties on risk-related matters are well informed, effective, and collectively moving the Visa ecosystem towards a stronger state. 

Internally, the RM Director’s obligation is to leverage our market knowledge and presence to ensure Visa’s risk-related policies, programs and frameworks are aligned with current and future business demands.

The RM’s work begins with delivering on the traditional role of engaging clients, merchants and other stakeholders to mitigate fraud and data compromise events, promote stronger authentication and data security, and help enforce Visa’s external risk programs and policies. 

Relationships are strengthened as we provide additional insights and support against a broader set of risk-related issues and activities, including client fraud and approval optimization, credit settlement risk, anti-money laundering, deployment of Visa Risk Products, the use of third parties and deployment of emerging technologies.

Lastly, we strengthen Visa shareholder value by promoting good information flow around strategic, regulatory and other risks to the Visa enterprise, and minimizing audit and compliance concerns.

2. Principle Responsibilities/Key Results Area

Five core principles provide a foundation for our work in Risk Management.

1.    Market Knowledge: Maintain a heightened awareness of the country/regional business environment, the payment system and other risks to clients operating in each market, and the past and present tactics being deployed to mitigate these risks.

2.    Business Alignment: Align Visa’s risk-related objectives and activities with Visa’s business goals in the same area in order to maximize long-term growth.

3.    Relationship Management: Engage key stakeholders (clients, law enforcement, government and others) to secure support for Visa’s goals and address identified risks.

4.    Thought Leadership: Differentiate Visa by demonstrating thought leadership to payment system stakeholders on risk issues, pulling from local, regional, and global sources.

5.    Communication: Ensure strong communication and provide marketplace feedback around Visa’s risk-related programs and policies, and other activities.

3. Strategic Nature, Mgmt Accountability, & Scope

RM teams may produce a wide range of deliverables for issuer and acquirer clients, merchants, Visa management and others:

1.    Market Knowledge

a.    Monitor local risk-related trends and developments (e.g., fraud schemes and trends, relevant regulatory changes).

b.    Analyse information to identify insights and highlight opportunities to improve security and reduce fraud to maximize business growth.

2.    Business Alignment

a.    Support Visa’s country-specific/regional business goals by executing in-country initiatives and conducting client/industry engagement.

b.    Develop and execute a Country Risk Plan (CRP) that supports the risk priorities and business drivers of Visa and the country; update the CRP at least twice per year, with a view at least 12 months towards the future.

c.     Align Risk Management activities with Sales engagement methodology and process.

d.    Promote Visa Risk Products to differentiate Visa from the competition and domestic payment systems

3.    Relationship Management

a.    Tier clients to prioritize and structure engagements to focus on the clients with the greatest potential to improve their fraud and risk performance, and in line with Visa’s key business relationships.

b.    Develop and execute a client engagement plan and materials to help clients optimize fraud performance; determine type and frequency of engagements.

c.     Maintain a list/database of key internal and external client contacts and a client engagement calendar.

d.    Develop and execute a constructive engagement plan for external payment system stakeholders (law enforcement, government, etc.). Maintain a list of key external stakeholder contacts.

e.    Write and distribute meeting notes (including meeting participants, insights and action items) for key engagements/meetings and track progress on action items.

f.      Summarize key Risk Services activities for Visa senior management – weekly, monthly and as needed; identify key wins, hot issues and other major developments.

4.    Thought Leadership 

a.    Orchestrate client meetings (e.g., sub-regional RECs, councils, meetings) and industry forums (Risk Summits) of payment system stakeholders (e.g., clients, law enforcement, regulators, industry participants) to drive greater awareness and support for Visa’s payment system risk strategy.

b.    Differentiate Visa as an electronic payments leader by providing clients and other stakeholders with value-added insights, best practices, conduct onsite market fraud prevention seminars (or webinars) and educational materials.

c.     Differentiate Visa, in coordination with Corporate Relations, via media messages on our Risk Strategy and services.

d.    Positively influence regulations and risk/security-related practices to ensure a strong payment ecosystem, and a growth environment for Visa and its clients.

5.    Communication

a.    Document and share Risk activities, insights and successes via clear and concise executive-level reporting and other communications.

b.    Ensure consistent messaging to align risk communications with business priorities and strategies.

c.     Provide feedback from client and other interactions with internal SMEs, with a focus on making Visa’s risk-related programs, policies and frameworks more impactful.

d.    Relay any intelligence of an enterprise risk nature to the appropriate local and global ERM staff, so that information may be incorporated and shared across geographies.

4. Decision Making & Complexity

The RM Director is responsible for the following countries:

-       SSA (with the exception of Francophone, Western Africa and South Africa)

5. Financial & Organizational Scope

Director Risk Management does not have staff management responsibilities.

The RM Director may manage a financial year T&E and meeting budget under the guidance and within the cost centre of the Head of Risk for SSA Sub-Region.

6. Reporting Relationships & Interactions

The Risk Management Director reports to the Head of Risk for the Sub-Region.

7. Key Competencies

Ability to communicate effectively at medium to high level management within Visa and externally.

Ability to work in a team and to develop cross-functional working relationships.

Ability to create a risk management vision, develop an understanding of the initiatives to drive towards that vision and to prioritize activities to successful implement initiatives.

Ability to speak at national conferences and at local seminars and workshops.




1.      At least 5 years risk management experience gained through consumer banking and card operations

2.      Degree qualified, post-graduate qualifications preferred


1.      Computer skills in Microsoft Office and related software

2.      Data analysis skills

3.      Knowledge of LE operations preferred

4.      Knowledge of card crime laws and prosecution are an advantage

5.      Data Security Certifications / knowledge or relevant technical skills are an advantage


1.      Consumer banking and card operations experience

2.      Understanding Visa operations, products and services

3.      Risk management expertise

4.      Team work

5.      Customer service experience

6.      Presentation and negotiation skill

7.      Training skills i                                                                                                                                          

Preferred Experience (education, skills - professional/technical/business)               

  •  Proven and visionary thought leader in campaign development with specific focus in digital marketing, who can inspire and lead the whole Visa marketing function in CEMEA to become the best digital marketer in the region
  • Deep experience of working in and especially leading teams across multiple markets with proven track record of cross-functional collaboration and leadership of diverse teams
  • Flexible and resilient leader as demonstrated by adaptability, professional maturity and ability to manage by influence
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