Senior Data Engineer - Fraedom

  • London, UK
  • Full-time

Company Description

Job Title: Senior Data Engineer - Fraedom
Job Code: REF15635Z
Skill Category: Technology
Location: London
Job Type: Permanent
Posting Start date: Tuesday 21st May 2019
Closing Date: Tuesday 18th June 2019
Salary: Competitive plus Benefits

Job Description

What’s it all about?

The Senior Data Engineer is responsible for designing, optimising, monitoring and troubleshooting our database platforms. This role will define the optimal ways of accessing the data platforms and help teams to best access the data. This role involves close collaboration with our Data Technologies, Architecture, Operations and Development groups to provide expertise and to progress our product and technology strategies.

What we expect of you, day to day.

Technical implementation 

  • Work on database reliability and performance aspects.
  • Analyse solutions and implement best practices for our SQL databases.
  • Work with other areas of the business like SRE,
  • Operations and DBA’s to continuously improve our production environments and help mitigate database-related production incidents.
  • Provide database expertise to engineering and development teams, for example reviews of database designs, queries and performance optimisations.
  • Develop and document database architectures.
  • Support and debug database production issues.
  • Implement and evolve our database monitoring tools.
  • Eliminate toil by automation and standardisation.
  • High quality solutions
  • Resilient and highly visible production databases.
  • Database monitoring that gives insights into performance, reliability, usage and other useful metrics.
  • Reduce the manual, repetitive, automatable, tactical and non-value work tied to running the production databases.

Culture, Relationships and Engagement 

  • Ability to build good relationships with all stakeholders.
  • Able to converse freely with all stakeholders.
  • Developing & using collaborative relationships to facilitate new idea generation and their implementation


What we’re after…

  • Significant experience in a breadth of data technologies
  • Very strong technically with a proven track record
  • In-depth knowledge of the Fraedom file loading system required
  • Expert knowledge of the Fraedom product database design
  • Experience in Payments and Card Management on the Fraedom platform essential
  • Experience with Cloud/SaaS applications
  • Experience of distributed, service orientated architectures
  • A good understanding of the data components at the heart of the Fraedom platform,
  • including TSQL, XML, JSON, SSIS, ETL and SSAS
  • Experience with reporting and analytics tools such as PowerBI
  • Experience working in a DevOps environment
  • Ability to facilitate learning sessions, plan and present internal training
  • Experience in Domain Driven Design
  • Experience with Microservice architectures
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