Financial Officer Internship - DC Branch

  • Washington, DC
  • Intern

Company Description

Waste Diversion LLC is a Clinton Global Initiative University 2012 project that has become a business. The business provides waste diversion services (recycling, composting, staffing, planning services, etc.) to outdoor events.  The company is a STARTUP and therefore is working to increase market penetration and brand recognition.


WDL's Business Development Team focuses on marketing and business creation and expansion. Comprised of the CFO, COO, 2 Sales Agents, Grants Writer, Events Coordinator, Government Contractor and Product, Recycling, and Composting Specialists. Together, the main focus of the Business Development team is to identify opportunties for the business to grow while staying up to date on industry trends.

Job Description

  • Oversee the work of the Sales and HR departments – have strong knowledge in the financial workings of both areas
  • Create the event quote calculator to be used by the sales department
  • Prepare all financial statements and projections for current and future investors
  • Work closely with Operations Officer and Branch Manager to insure the company is turning a making a profit
  • Identify areas for improved efficiency to save on cost
  • Manage the company bank account(s) with the Branch Manager
  • Problem solve and resolve any interruptions in the financial delivery chain


  • 1-2 years experience leading project with expanding scope
  • Strong written and spoken English. Second language is an asset.
  • Bachelors degree in a relevant field - Pursuing MBA or Graduate Level Degree
  • Strong problem sensitivity and inductive reasoning skills
  • Entrepreneurial drive and passion 
  • Flexible schedule - Weekend availability (Must work Sundays)

Additional Information

June-September: Internship - Unpaid

September Forward: Hourly wage starting at $15/hr, escalating based on performance

September Forward: Stock in the company and/or co-founder privileges