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Company Description

BBH is a global creative business founded in London in 1982 by three guys who had a vision for a different kind of advertising agency – one that would merge the highest standards of creativity and strategic thinking to help build brands that truly stand out. Those guys, and the agency named for them, would quickly achieve legendary status as one of the most revered agencies in the world. Today, BBH exists in eight cities including London, NY, Shanghai, and L.A. In recognition of the iconic work we have done for brands like Axe, Johnnie Walker, Google and PlayStation, we were named U.S. Mid-Sized Agency of the Year multiple years in a row, and have received countless additional strategy awards including this year’s Effie and Cannes Effectiveness awards for our work on the launch of the PS4.

We provide a range of services for our clients including brand positioning, advertising, PR, digital experiences, events, and e-commerce. We strive for simple, enduring ideas that are rooted in real human truths, and executed with brilliant craft. The culture of BBH is one that celebrates difference, education, inclusivity, innovation, restlessness, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. This spirit is embodied in our enduring mantra: When the world zigs, zag. We also like nice people.

Job Description

The role of Strategy:

To open up new spaces for brand transformation and growth, through the combination of visionary, innovative thinking and a precise, data-based understanding of business.

It is about Intelligence and Magic. Fine tuning the marketing machine, but also crucially, unlocking the idea that will animate the machine. It’s about getting to great work that works.

At an account level, Strategy’s role is to ensure that creativity is originated, deployed, and tracked so as to maximize the value of ideas and deliver measurable success for our client’s business. 

What makes Strategy at BBH unique:

EXCELLENCE: We are the best at what we do. Our collective ambition is to become the most inspiring, positive and authoritative strategy team in the world, with mastery over an unrivalled collective skillset. 

TEAM WORK: We operate as one team made up of connected specialisms. Besides our core responsibilities, Strategists also integrate with established and new disciplines and partners. The result is an open and porous discipline, genuinely networked to allow for on-going individual development. 

ADAPTABILITY & OPENNESS: We are fast-learning, connected hybrids. In an accelerated culture, adaptability matters more than knowledge.. Within Strategy, different specialisms coexist. Our aim is to engineer learning and collaboration so that everyone in Strategy has the opportunity to broaden their skillset whilst deepening area(s) of interest or strength. We don’t have one way of doing strategy - one school of thought or dogma. Instead, everyone uses their judgement to draw from a breadth of different theories, and develop thinking that is right for the specific problem they’re trying to solve.


Experience required: approximately 3+ years in Strategy/Planning at a creative agency. Entertainment, Tech and/or Gaming category experience is a plus.

The Role of a Strategist

Thoroughly understands the brand, product and market

- Understanding of the brand: what it stands for, whom it speaks to, what it sells, who and what it competes against, how it differentiates, what its core purpose and commercial vision is, strengths and weaknesses

- The strategist on the account should be “the knowledge” - hold the best factual knowledge and know how to access more

Ensures performance is central to creative process and client relationship

- In depth understanding of how our client’s business operates, how it grows, what are drivers and barriers, what their portfolio of opportunities look like, what might be threats to and opportunities for growth in the future

- Ability to understand and use data to ensure creativity is rooted in and connected to commercial performance

- Ensures performance remains at the heart of the idea throughout production and implementation

Knows how to access insight and research, and make sense of it

- Understanding of the cultural context within which the brand operates, good understanding of the consumer world and culture

- Understand how quantitative and qualitative research works

- Ability to conduct desk research, together with Research and Data teams, and put together an informed point of view on a brand, consumer group, category, market, or area of culture

- Basic understanding of data-led insight tools

- Ability to unlock creative and commercial insights through data analysis

Has an informed point of view on how the brand should engage

- Understanding of the consumer behaviours driving existing channel landscape and key trends linked to media and content consumption, leading to an informed point of view on channel planning (topline)

- Ability to build on ideas and help them connect better with desired behaviour change, consumers and culture

Collaborates with creative and account teams to deliver work that successfully answers performance-based briefs

- Writes clear and inspiring briefs, to deliver a consistent strategic narrative from commercial objectives to executions

- Actively fuels the creative process with stimulus, pushing for the most innovative solutions whenever possible

- Builds good relationships with creative teams, able to provide upstream inspiration, collaborate and build on ideas further down

- Good judge of creative work, able to judge (with an open mind) whether work is on brief and give clear and constructive feedback to teams

Organises information into simple strategic narrative, delivers it in an engaging and compelling way

- Able to put together a strategic and creative narrative that is simple yet compelling, in written and spoken form, to any audience, adapting to the needs of different audiences

- Good analytic skills yet ability for sacrifice and simplification: distilling a lot of information into short and clear outputs

Additional Information

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.