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Do You Know if Your Evaluation Methods Are Legal? RightHire Does!

Assessment is an important pre-hiring step, but if not done correctly you could be in a world of legal hurt.

ATS vs CRM: What’s the Difference and Why You Need Both

Don’t lose great talent to the competition because of bad recruiting software—here’s why your hiring team needs a TA solution that makes no compromises.

CRM and 4 Other Features Your ATS Needs to Have in 2019

Hiring is all about predicting the future—is your applicant tracking system doing the same? Here’s a look at five features that aren’t just trends, but must haves for the new year.

Avoid Amazon’s 3 Biggest Recruiting AI Mistakes

This ecommerce giant made its billions by automating shopping service, but when it came to recruiting it made three crucial mistakes that lead to bias.

Lances for Hire: Are Companies Prepared for the Self-Employed Workforce?

Workers are quitting their jobs en masse to pursue the spoils of freelancing, but managing this fluid workforce is proving difficult for companies rooted in traditional employee relationship management.


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