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Video Interviewing: Making a Genuine Connection from a Distance

Video interviewing has revolutionized traditional recruitment processes, helping hiring managers better understand job applicants all over the world, while saving time and money. Once upon a time recruiters...

Common Perceptions in Talent Acquisition That Must Change | Part II

This is the second installment of Common Perceptions in Talent Acquisition That Must Change. Part I addresses the false notion that Talent Acquisition (TA) is an unnecessary source of overhead costs for...

Corporate Social Responsibility: The Rise of Reverse Recruiting in 2019

Recruiting is usually defined as the act of attracting and selecting candidates for employment within an organization. Thanks to SmartRecruiters’ Reverse Recruiting initiative, that definition is taking on new...

Common Perceptions in Talent Acquisition That Must Change | Part I

I’ve been known to upset the apple cart in meetings from time to time. In fact, one prospective customer of mine recently asked the room “who brought this guy?” The reason for that reaction is that a core...

Google Hire Is Shutting Down: How SmartRecruiters Can Help

Google Hire has been scheduled for discontinuation. In September 2020, the applicant tracking system (ATS) will be removed from G-suite, affecting recruiters and business owners across North America and the U...


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