Why I Loved Getting Hired At SmartRecruiters: Eden Monet, EA and Office Manager

Eden’s job is one of the most critical at SmartRecruiters. She takes care of all Executive and Office logistics, and makes sure SmartRecruiters is an enjoyable and productive place to work.

I sat down with Eden recently to learn about how she found SmartRecruiters, and what it’s like for her to work here.

Taylor: So Eden, how did you come to find SmartRecruiters?

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9 Ways To Improve Your Candidate’s Apply Experience

This is a guest post from our Marketplace Partner LinkUp.

As the job market continues to favor the applicant with a low unemployment rate of 4.7%, employers need to be strategic in making a positive lasting impression. To attract top talent in a competitive talent economy, it’s more important than ever to offer a delightful candidate experience.

What companies are starting to realize is that a clunky application experience, confusing interview processes, lackluster communication, and no rejection communication creates a bad candidate experience. That means top candidates may never apply again! You can bet applicants will talk to their friends about the experience, which means even more top applicants will avoid applying.

So, resolve to make 2017 the year you breathe new life into your company’s candidate experience with these tips to attract top talent, and improve your reputation in your industry:

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New Marketplace Additions: December 2016

If you haven’t seen our Marketplace yet, it’s the easiest way to add integrations to SmartRecruiters. We’re always adding new partners, and if you don’t see your preferred partner yet, request it in the Marketplace to make SmartRecruiters your top-to-bottom Talent Acquisition Suite.

In December 2016, we added three new partners, including eSkillFirst Advantage, and T&CC. For more information on these great partners, read below:

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