Mobile Recruitment: A Retailer’s Best Friend

While other areas of the business are quick to adopt mobile, talent acquisition is still far behind. In fact, according to research conducted by The Talent Board this year, only 13% of candidates apply for a job through a mobile device. By ignoring mobile, companies are missing a tremendous opportunity to attract and hire talent. Imagine walking into a store to apply for a position with a paper and pen or having to use a kiosk or store computer. The entire experience is uncomfortable and impersonal. With this type of experience, many qualified individuals would not apply for a job.

For any retailer that wants to attract talent and improve the candidate experience, mobile needs to be part of the equation.

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Why I Loved Getting Hired At SmartRecruiters: Donnie Schultz, Marketplace Operat...

Donnie is integral to our Marketplace partners here at SmartRecruiters. As Donnie says, he’s a “worker of small miracles”, but to us, he handles all the operations around growing and maintaining our Marketplace. If you interact with a job board or an integration, he’s the man at the top!

I recently took some time out to speak with Donnie about his role here at SmartRecruiters, and why he loves working for the company that strives to reinvent recruiting:

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10 Traits of Great Sales Development Rep Hires

As author Jeb Blount says, “If you suck at prospecting, you suck at closing.”

Which means that Sales Development is your most important department in sales. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the account executives on your team that never hit quota. It’s probably because they don’t have the prospecting skills that SDRs excel at. Thankfully, you can get ahead of the curve by hiring great SDRs that grow into great account executives.

Whether they are an inbound or outbound SDR, these roles are the toughest jobs in sales. Therefore, recruiting the right people for this “A Team” can be a big challenge. Hiring the wrong people can be costly: one bad impression could burn a bridge at a key account, or turn a great deal into a lost opportunity.

In order to define and find great SDRs for your organization, here are ten traits to look for when hiring:

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