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Recruiting Wars: For World’s Largest Networking Site, German Incursion Far From Blitzkrieg

LinkedIn’s march across Europe has hit a bulwark in local-focus career-site, Xing. Whether the Hamburg firm can hold its ground is a notion the American juggernaut is keen to challenge.

The 10 Best Healthcare Job Boards for Recruiters

Recruiting practices need to pace the demands of the healthcare industry, which is why these job boards are great resources for hiring top-quality talent today. The future of healthcare will focus on making...

How to Tell the Difference Between Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing

Both concepts are candidate-facing, but your company won’t reach top talent unless you integrate them with your overall TA strategy. Today’s job seekers have more employment options that ever before...

Meet the Manifold Voices of Hiring Success 18 Europe

SmartRecruiters’ first European Hiring Success Conference calls on the fresh voices of the EU, UK, US, and beyond to recast the TA conversation. At its core, recruiting is about community building that powers...

Candidates Are Fast to Embrace New Tech, So Why Isn’t HR?

The surest way to earn 3x revenue and 3x profit as your peers? Invest in recruiting.


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