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How SmartRecruiters Could Save You a Million Dollars

Technology is a valuable asset for most companies. And like all assets, it should regularly be assessed and accounted for when taking inventory. In fact, doing so could result in substantial cost savings...

How to Build the Best Business Case for a New ATS

When it comes to cost savings, few software applications can compete with a modern, sophisticated applicant tracking system. Demonstrating those savings in the form of a sound business case is half the battle...

Top Corporate Social Responsibility Trends in 2020

According to a recent report from Aflac on corporate social responsibility (CSR) report from Aflac, consumers, workers, and investors are putting increasing pressure on American corporations to make meaningful...

What Happens to Employee Recognition When Your Team Goes Remote?

When you’re a few desks down, congratulating a colleague for a job well done is as easy as walking a couple steps and saying “nice job!” Congratulating that colleague looks a little different when a few feet...

Internal Mobility: More Than an Excellent Sourcing Channel

Internal mobility is an integral component of a comprehensive talent acquisition strategy. Not only does tapping into this resource promote greater engagement in the workplace, it can also make your...


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