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Six Ways Recruiting Will Be Different in 2025

Have you ever wondered how pundits make far-off predictions about technology? Future thinkers get clues on what might happen tomorrow by looking at the combination of problems faced by the majority today and...

Four Secrets to Talent Acquisition Leadership in 2024

At many organizations, talent acquisition has finally reached its potential as a strategic function. At the beginning of 2023, 70% of global talent acquisition (TA) professionals told LinkedIn their teams...

10 Do’s and Don’ts for Keeping Pace with Recruiting Technology

Don’t you wish keeping up with change was easy? As if your recruiting teams knew exactly how to adapt their processes in response to the market and your technology automatically adjusted to fit? Unfortunately...

How to Manage and Measure Personalized Candidate Experiences at Scale

Personalized experiences are memorable. Think of the last time you were greeted at a hotel by name, or when a retail associate took the time to understand your needs and preferences. While a candidate...

5 Ways a Flexible Applicant Tracking System Powers Hiring Success

Remember the Before Times? Not just before the pandemic, but before the smartphone, before streaming television, and before email, depending on your age. Any adult alive today has lived through seismic shifts...


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Learnings from SmartMessage Early Access

SmartRecruiters recently launched SmartMessage, the industry’s first natively-built text recruiting solution. This will allow hiring teams to reach a wider pool of candidates and deepen their engagement—bridging the divide...

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