Phone Screening: A Guide To This Essential Recruiting Step

This is a guest post from our friends at Kayako

Are you using phone screening as part of your interviewing process? If not, you should be! Hypothetically, you’ve made it to the other side and are now working for a company you love. But rather than trying to get a job, you’re trying to find the right employees for your company. Crawling through job applications and resumes can be tough, but there is a way to do it that is less painful, and even fun! more

Platform 1st Wins in Every Software Category – it will for Recruiting as w...

If companies are not careful, Talent Acquisition can become the most fragmented process within an organization. There are many steps to a holistic recruiting approach and many different vendors to work with across these steps. With so many separate tools and recruiting aids, how does a company keep everything together without losing consistency and data in the process? more

Want to be a Better Recruiter? Take Some Cues from your Favorite Bartender.

This is a guest post from our Job Board Partner Ladders

You know that neighborhood bar you always go to? Ever think stop to think why it’s your favorite? I’m going to guess it has everything to do with the bartender. A great bartender sweats the details, actively listens, and makes lots of friends. Interestingly enough, the same could be said for a great recruiter! more