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Gen Z Takeover and 4 Other Trends Driving the Second Half of 2019

As offices prepare to welcome the first generation of true ‘digital natives’ there are more currents below the surface shaping the future of HR. With unemployment at a 49 year low in the US, salary budgets are...

4 Tips for Conducting Remote Interviews

Gauging the talents of in-person candidates requires skill and experience, but qualifying that same talent remotely poses particular challenges of its own. Telecommuting has been on the rise since the early...

8 Reasons Not to Miss Hiring Success EU – Amsterdam

Talent Acquisition leaders flock to Amsterdam for the second annual European event, here’s why! Hiring Success EU returns, this time in Amsterdam. Over 350 attendees will join SmartRecruiters to define the...

Sleep: The Trendy Benefit Recruiters Need

With employee burnout on the rise and recruiters reporting more work with fewer gains, maybe everyone just needs a good night’s sleep. Back-to-back networking events, four interviews, and a pile of...

Top 10 Resources for Recruiters (That Are Fun and Informative)

Need some inspiration? These Talent Acquisition resources are chock-full of knowledge and personality! In the last five years, the recruitment industry found itself undergoing an exciting renaissance. A...


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Successfully recruiting passive candidates requires mastering the art of persuasion. According to LinkedIn’s hiring statistics, only 30 percent of people are actively looking for new jobs. This means 70 percent of LinkedIn users are passive...