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Stepping Forward: How Skechers Built a Business Case for Hiring Success

Four years ago, the footwear retailer partnered with SmartRecruiters to develop a custom implementation strategy that would empower them to tackle high-volume seasonal hiring and industry challenges. After...

Trust & Attention: The Keys to Building Communities, with Hung Lee of Recruiting Brainfood

In a time when recruiters desperately compete for talented candidates’ attention, building communities could be a way to stay ahead.  The job advertising market has ballooned into a multi-billion dollar...

How to Hire Inspirational Educators, with Uncommon Schools

How one school is utilizing HR tech to hire incredible teachers that truly make a difference. America’s public schools face many challenges, from funding to keeping up with rapid innovation in other industries...

On How to Pitch Your Company, and the ‘Passive Candidate’ Myth

Ronan Mooney built the recruitment team behind one of the world’s largest tech conferences, and he’s here to share how pitching a company is a lot like promoting events for over 100,000 annual attendees.

On the Frontlines of the ‘War for Talent’ with Matthieu Rivière of Devoteam

Finding the right talent for your organization has become almost as difficult as saving private Ryan, luckily we know some TA Generals. Coined by McKinsey’s Steven Hankin in 1997, the term ‘war for...


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Do Robot Interviewers Eliminate Bias?

In the fight against unconscious bias, Sweden experiments with AI – but will robotic interviewers really catch on? Meet your interviewer, Tengai: she’s friendly, observant, and did we mention she’s a robot? Tengai’s 16-inch glowing face sits on a...

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