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10 Best Employer Brands on Facebook

Employer branding is how an organization creates a reputation for themselves. Every company wants to be known as someone you want to work for, buy from, and talk positively about. A lot of companies rely on social networks to build and maintain their brand. With over 1 billion people on Facebook, there are a wealth of potential employees. Smart brands know it is essential to build a great Facebook page. Why not turn a fan into your next hire?

Here are the 10 Best Employer Brands on Facebook :

10. Netsuite’s SAAS product has everything you need for business management. This cloud service employs a host of do-gooders, and they celebrate them! Their Facebook features pictures of Netsuite employees running to help build classrooms in the Philippines. By highlighting their social good initiatives (a la SmartRecruiters’ Give Labor) potential employees know this is a company that is doing something to better the community around them.

Netsuite Employer Branding


9. Trulia has connected social to the home search. They’re unique product has every ounce of information from location, to real estate agent, and a discussion forum for questions. Their Facebook features amazing images of property listings. It is like taking a stroll through the fancy homes and gardens magazine. Count me in! It makes you wonder, who collects this amazing information? Trulia employees.

Trulia Employer Branding


8. Agilent Technologies creates a measurable difference in the world. And they’ve got the technology to prove it. This company’s Facebook highlights Agilent Technologies’ accomplishments and contributions to science. Talk about being a part of something bigger than yourself. Check out their Facebook page and you’ll quickly learn Agilent is not only among Global 100s Most Sustainable Organizations, but they have technology roaming on Mars and are creating cancer therapies. If only I was scientifically inclined…

Agilent Technologies Employer Branding


7. Hennepin County Medical Center is ranked among America’s best hospitals. What does this Minnesota hospital need for that? An amazing staff. Their Facebook doesn’t only provide value by giving healthy tips and tricks, but they show off what it’s like to work in their facility. They do a good job of attracting potential candidates by letting them know they’ll always be appreciated. Just check out their Employee Appreciation Day Album.

Hennepin County Medical Center Employer Branding


6. Pretzel Crisps are without a doubt my favorite snack. But that’s not why they are one of the best at Employer Branding. It’s the crunchy crisp creations they post all over their Facebook. Not to mention, they just know how to talk to people. You want to work for a company that appreciates its customers. And it’s obvious they do (see Tweets). There’s more of this appreciation all over their Facebook. Plus, who sits in the Pretzel Crisp factory thinking up these delicious recipes? Imaginative and brilliant employees.

Pretzel Crisps Employer Branding


5. Getaround is revolutionizing the car-sharing business, and they are putting you in charge. Getaround offers an entirely new type of self-employment, you get to decide the details of renting your car. Of course, there are employment opportunities in the Getaround office as well. They were included on Shervin’s list of Top 10 Disrupters of 2013. Poke around their photos and you’ll see this team knows how to have a great time. Like cars, like disruption, like people? Me too.

Getaround Employer Branding


4. Boost Juice, I am personally waiting for this smoothie dream come true to come to San Francisco. They are the, “Fruitiest Page on Facebook,” and most fun place to work. On their Facebook we get a glimpse into some of the charities their teams participate in. They also have a great time throwing themed challenges across the franchises and getting their clients involved too, such as Fireman Friday. Whoever has the best fireman costume earns free smoothies for two weeks, employees spread the excitement by dressing up too. Have the energy to party at work? Boost Juice is the place for you!

Boost Juice Employer Branding


3. Gillette is clearing up the smooth versus stubble debate one Facebook post at a time. This is another company with a great sense of humor. Their employees aren’t afraid to ask strangers, “what do you prefer smooth or stubble.” Their new Kiss & Tell campaign is taking employees to all sorts of cool events. It looks like field trips to solve the debate are a company norm.

Gillette Employer Branding


2. Lululemon Athletica makes a healthy lifestyle oh, so fashionable. They are among the elite of workout gear, and employer branding. Lululemon employee’s get to participate in a variety of workout classes, and of course yoga. Not to mention sport all their great gear. They want their employees to breathe their brand, and who is not in favor of a long, healthy, and fun life? Plus, check out their video these yogis obviously have a sense of humor.

Lululemon Employer Branding


1. The Marriott doesn’t just know how to take great care of their hotel guests, but their employees as well. They recently received the Work-Life Seal of Distinction from World@Work, a fun fact I learned on their Facebook. They shares stories of good deeds done by employees, inspiring work quotes, and pictures of the Marriott employee experience. The Marriott is dedicated to providing their employees with opportunities for growth, a fact proven by the variety of classes they offer. Another fact I learned on their Facebook.

Marriott Employer Branding



These companies are stars are sharing their brand. We get an inside look at what it is like to be a part of their culture. Shouldn’t it be that way before you apply to a job anyways? Employer Branding has an end goal. You want people to say, “I really want a job there.”

Social Recruiting starts with listing every open job on your Facebook Page. Use the Free Careers Tab by SmartRecruiters. Also, Check out the SmartRecruiters employer brand on Facebook.

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Lexie Forman-Ortiz

Lexie Forman-Ortiz is the Community Manager at SmartRecruiters.