10 Best Marketing Job Boards

Niche Marketing Job Boards

Marketing job boards! As far as job postings go there are larger job boards that promise a plethora of candidates and jobs from all industries and walks of life, but sometimes that is not what you need. There are many communities where marketers hang out.

SmartRecruiters found that 62% of open jobs are posted to niche job sites. Niche job boards are great to target candidate in a specific field.

Here are the 10 Best Marketing Job Sites for the Best Marketing Jobs:

VB_twitter_logo - best marketing jobs


Never miss a beat with this job board. VentureBeat Job Board is great for finding talent in tech marketing, advertising, product management, IT, and business development. VentureBeat allows the employer to cast a wide net into a deep talent pool.

Post a Job to VentureBeat

Adrants - top marketing jobs


AdRants is the go-to for marketing and advertising news, they also spend their time advertising jobs from your favorite advertising and marketing websites. Users can stay on the up and up of marketing and advertising trends while finding the best candidates possible.

Post a Job to AdRants

TechCrunch - best marketing jobs


You may be seeing a theme here, advertise where advertiser’s eyes are. TechCrunch’s Job Board, CrunchBoard gives you access to millions of candidates all interested and savvy in business and technology. CrunchBoard provides marketing professionals that are technology and internet enthusiasts.

Post a Job to CrunchBoard

TalentZoo - top marketing jobs


Founded in 1996 as an executive search firm catering to the advertising industry, TalentZoo has continues to evolve its job board capabilities and is now regarded as one of the premier locations for talent in advertising, marketing, creative, design, new media and digital industries.

Post a Job to TalentZoo

krop_logo - best marketing jobs


Krop.com promises, “the brightest minds at the best companies.” This is the place to look if you are looking to fill creative marketing postions. Krop.com allows the employer to view candidate profiles to see if they will meet their company’s needs.

Post a Job to Krop

FlexJobs - top marketing jobs


FlexJobs is an award-winning job site for part-time or full-time flexible jobs, such as telecommuting or flextime, in 50+ categories, entry-level to executive. In some situations you will not need a full time marketing professional, or perhaps you’ll need a contract marketer. If your needs aren’t full time this is where to start your candidate search.

Post a Job to FlexJobs

Mashable - best marketing jobs


With an Alexa Rank of 327, your odds of finding a qualified candidate increase significantly. Mashable is a go to news source for Social Media, Tech, and more. The Mashable job board is great for finding bloggers, consultants, designers, developers, executives, marketers, and mobile programmers.

Post a Job to Mashable

RecruiterMedia - top marketing jobs


RecruiterMedia has 27 regional job boards to attract the highest quality candidates in your area. “RecruiterMedia believes in a holistic job seeking and recruiting approach.” In addition to job boards they offer recruitment search engine marketing and sourcing services.

Post a Job to RecruiterMedia

Mediabistro - best marketing jobs


Mediabistro.com has more to offer than just job postings, they also provide news, resources, community events, and courses for both employers and jobseekers. Look to MediaBistro for jobs in social media and traditional media professionals covering journalism, social media marketing, and much more.

Post a Job to MediaBistro

PaidContentJObs - top marketing jobs


As a member of the GigaOM network, paidContent.org provides global coverage of business and digital content. PaidContent.org describes themselves as “the digital world’s most highly targeted recruitment center,” connecting the best digital media and marketing professionals to the best jobs.

Post a Job to PaidContent

The benefits of posting to a niche job board are clear, you narrow down your talent pool to a dedicated, unique and engaged audience. If you’re looking for marketing professionals give these ten job boards a try, and prepared to be wow’ed by talent.


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