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12 SmartRecruiters Customer Stories: One Platform, a Dozen Different Solutions

SmartRecruiters prides itself on providing bespoke solutions to our customers’ recruiting challenges. The flexibility of our Talent Acquisition Suite means it can be easily applied to a variety of situations and demands, as well as integrate a wide variety of additional tools and features. So whether you’re recruiting globally, locally, in high volume or low, SmartRecruiters will give you the tools you need to achieve Hiring Success.

However, don’t just take our word for it. Below are links to summaries of our various customer case studies. Each one examines a particular SmartRecruiters customer, the recruitment challenges they faced, and how the SmartRecruiters ATS helped to overcome them.

How DFC Left The Dark Ages And Saved 900 Work Hours A Week

Financial giant DFC was trying to recruit for a global company with nothing but spreadsheets and email chains. Here’s how SmartRecruiters introduced them to high-tech hiring.

Equinox: Hiring the Best Personal Trainers for Every Fitness Club

Equinox relies on finding the best and most experienced trainers out there, and who better to recruit great trainers than great trainers themselves? With SmartRecruiters’ in-built collaborative features, Equinox could involve its expert professionals in every stage of the hiring process.

Brightsparks: How Recruiting Agency Uses Technology to go “Beyond the Resume”

Brightsparks needed a way to entice the time and technology conscious Generation Z. SmartRecruiters allowed them to easily create the employer brand they wanted to espouse and make it easy for busy students to apply.

IGI Sharpens Its Focus On Successful Recruiting

Audio-visual developer IGI may be at the forefront of video technology, but their recruitment was still relying on filing cabinets. That’s until SmartRecruiters helped them develop a system and brand that matched their own products.

Scality: Powering 100% Year-Over-Year Growth with Great Hiring Quality

Scality wanted to ensure it found the best professionals out there by using a long and multi-faceted recruitment process. Unfortunately, their first attempts resulted in ‘spreadsheet madness’. SmartRecruiters on the other hand allows them to easily create a clear standard process which could include all their technical expertise.

How Pluralsight Regained Perfect Hiring Vision with SmartRecruiters

Pluralsight was expanding, and needed to recruit fast. A slow legacy system was letting them down, allowing great candidates to slip through the net and buckling under their demands. Luckily, SmartRecruiters provided the streamlined and scalable platform they needed.

Christian Brothers Automotive: Growing a strong franchise by growing strong teams

As a successful franchise, Christian Brothers favored a decentralized hiring approach that let local store managers becoming recruiters. Unfortunately, their legacy tech was cumbersome and unwieldy to operate. SmartRecruiters allowed managers to quickly and easy put on a recruiter hat, meaning they could spend more time dealing with customers and not clunky ATS.

Colliers International: Closes more deals with stronger candidates

Recruitment at Colliers was tedious. What made it worse was that previous candidates and recruitment efforts went unrecorded, wasting time and resources that could be applied to future searches. SmartRecruiters turned that around and introduced a quick, easy and robust system – saving time, money and stress.

Expeditors: Lean Resources. Global Footprint. Robust Results

Expeditors chaotic system of emails and spreadsheets was damaging their candidate experience and brand, counting them untold potential great hires. SmartRecruiters revolutionized that and allowed Expeditors to project the image both it, and its candidates, wanted.

Gameloft: Finding The Best Candidates The World Over

With offices in over 30 countries, Gameloft knew it needed to rely on local recruiters to find local talent. However, in a vast company, you also need standardized practises and standards. SmartRecruiters provided the tools to allow a global company to recruit locally.

Indigo: Recruiting Platform Adds Joy to Customer and Employee Experience

Indigo knows happy workers make customers. The first step to creating a happy staff is to make sure they have a great candidate experience when applying. SmartRecruiters let Indigo develop their brand, send jobs to the boards and platforms they wanted, and bring in the large numbers needed to fill seasonal vacancies. All from one platform.


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