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18 Best SmartRecruiters Blog Posts of 2013

Hello! I’ve run the SmartRecruiters Blog for almost 3 years, and we’ve featured 175+ people authoring 600+ blog posts. Really excited to announce these 18 SMART AWARDS are for the best blog post about hiring in each of our 18 blog categories, based on pageviews, social shares, and comments:


#18 Talent Assessments

SMART AWARD: “The Truth About Hiring Likable People”

As charming as an interviewee may be, it’s the interviewer’s job to see past that and hire the best person for the company. In  “The Truth About Hiring Likable People,” CEO Matthew Gordon explains his hiring mistakes and shares how science and objectivity must be added to the candidate assessment.


#17 Employer Branding

SMART AWARD: “Why Employment Branding Is The Future of Recruiting”

employer branding

When no employee moves a finger and your brand just magically sources talent, business is beautiful. Of course recruiting requires work, but in “Why Employment Branding Is The Future of Recruiting,” Careerealism explains why – and more importantly – how to increase the demand for working with your company.


#16 Interview Tips

SMART AWARD: “4 Essential Interview Questions for the PR Professional”

This post – despite it’s profession targeted orientation – sneaks in the top 18 with average time on page of 7 minutes across 10,000+ unique pageviews. For, how do you objectively interview someone whose job is to present every story’s best perspective each step of the way? Find out in “4 Essential Interview Questions for the PR Professional,” where Laura Hong interviews a panel of professors and PR pros.


#15 Hiring Culture

SMART AWARD: “Hollywood’s 6 Best Job Interview Scenes”

Culture overlaps life, art, and work. To learn about recruiting’s perception in pop culture, read “Hollywood’s 6 Best Job Interview Scenes” by Chris Fields. We see Hollywood’s best takes on the most dramatic moment of the the job search (the job interview). It’s inspiring. And fun to think, would my company hire this person?


#14 Office Life

SMART AWARD: “The 8 Engineering Principles of SmartRecruiters”

hiring made easy

In a world where three out of four people are engineers, the principles that drive technology will drive your company. In “The 8 Engineering Principles of SmartRecruiters” our Head of Engineering Rafal Szczepanski shares a slide deck on an engineering culture can provide a better understanding between the business and engineering worlds.


#13 Zero Unemployment

SMART AWARD: “By a Veteran, For Veterans’ Job Search Guide”

As a part of SmartRecruiters’ Veterans Helping Veterans Nov. 7 event (Veteran business leaders helping Veterans new to the workforce), San Francisco City Planner Omar Masry volunteered, presenting “By a Veteran, For Veterans’ Job Search Guide,” an Alpha to Zulu must read resource for any Veterans struggling to find work. Also Craig … as in Craiglist‘s Craig was one of the 500 people to share this post.


#12 Job Search Advice

SMART AWARD: “What Makes a Great Cover Letter?”

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 6.16.44 PM

Personally, I wouldn’t have been hired at SmartRecruiters without the succinct cover letter (4 sentences) about my abilities and the potential I saw for SmartRecruiters. In What Makes a Great Cover Letter?” ResumeOK Founder Felix Tarcomnicu advises to keep it short, grab the recruiter’s attention, personalized it, sells yourself and close with a call to action.


#11 Made Made Easy

SMART AWARD: “10 Best Company Career Pages”

careers page

The careers page is where interested talent learns more about what makes a company tick, and what positions/skills a company is hiring for. In “10 Best Company Career Pages,” Lexie Forman-Ortiz walks through what companies like Google, Square, Reinvent, The Onion, Kickstarter, GoodData, EF, and Bonobos do to encourage the right talent to express interest when visiting their careers page.


#10 Product

SMART AWARD: “Recruitment Needs a Store for Services”

recruiting store

If you really want to learn about SmartRecruiters product you should check out the new product pages (like applicant trackingmobile recruitingjob posting, etc.) or schedule a demo. Nevertheless, “Recruitment Needs a Store for Services” – marks our milestones for the recruiting store – and hits on a founding principle of SmartRecruiters: to be “The iTunes of Recruiting” (coined by ERE).


#9 Social Media Recruiting

SMART AWARD: “LinkedIn is Becoming More Like Facebook & Facebook is Becoming More Like LinkedIn”


There are a lot of pageviews and great reads in the social media recruiting category, including many resources of employer brands to learn from across various social networks (FacebookLinkedInGoogle+PinterestInstagramTwitter). Sometimes, you need to think like a candidate… Where do I host my professional information? Where is my network? How do I share my accomplishments? Read “LinkedIn is Becoming More Like Facebook & Facebook is Becoming More Like LinkedIn” to learn about the long-run implications of the candidate profile.


#8 SmartRecruiters’ Customers

SMART AWARD:“Smarty Had a Party Expands its Staff by 70% in 6 months” 

Smarty Had a Party  were selling party supplies so fast, the expansion of the team could barely keep up. In “Smarty Had a Party Expands its Staff by 70% in 6 months,”  HR Manager Adam C. Dennis explains how SmartRecruiters streamlined their hiring, and ultimately increased the country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Parties). Need more proof that our customers like to have fun? Check out The Onion’s Listening Intern (80,000+ pageviews).


#7 Tech Recruiting

SMART AWARD: “Best 10 Tech Job Boards”

Recruiting the best and brightest tech candidates requires well targeted advertisements to increase demand for your brand.  In “Best 10 Tech Job Boards” (20,000 pageviews), you will find a great list of resources to market to tech talent via communities, job boards, and email marketing. If you are looking to get a little more creative, read “The 5 Most Creative ‘Developer Job Ads.'”


#6 Human Resources & Hiring

SMART AWARD: “What Employers Really Want to See on a Resume” 


There are so many ways to format a resume, on and off line. In this sea of resume noise, “What Employers Really Want to See on a Resume” (by HR pro Chris Fields) struck a chord with readers. A resume needs a real format, relevancy to the employer, and to display the value a potential hire would add. Know what to look for in a resume.


#5 Candidate Experience

SMART AWARD: Candidates Must Be Treated as Well as Customers”

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 5.31.57 PM

Far too often candidates don’t even receive responses from companies, let a lone useful feedback. Blogging4Jobs touches on something that has been shared with thousands of people, Candidates Must Be Treated as Well as Customers.” For every expression of interest in working with your company could become a hire, brand ambassador, customer, partner, or even your next boss.


#4 Smartup

SMART AWARD: “Jerome Ternynck Presents Quality of Hire: Good to Great”

Quality of Hire

“The best means there is no better one,” said SmartRecruiters CEO Jerome Ternynck in our monthly meetups to Elevate Innovation in Hiring. In “Jerome Ternynck Presents Quality of Hire: Good to Great,” there’s a video of the presentation, the slide deck (7,000+ views), and social responses from the audience. It’s a must watch for those interested in adding science to the sourcing, engagement and hiring of top talent.


#3 Recruiter Advice

SMART AWARD: “The Future of Sourcing: 10 Tips for the Forward Thinker”

There are so many new and innovate ways to source talent. In “The Future of Sourcing: 10 Tips for the Forward Thinker” Stacy Donovan Zapar (aka, ‘The Most Connected Woman on LinkedIn’) highlights new recruitment websites/product to source talent, and explains her 10 mantras that make her a recruiter you actually want to engage with.


#2 Startup Recruiting

SMART AWARD: “The Most Important Job Interview Question – When Have You Failed?”

failure won

To start a successful company, you must overcome many failures. In the second most viewed SmartRecruiters blog post –  “The Most Important Job Interview Question – When Have You Failed?” – I advise employers to create a company culture where a worker’s ability to learn and flexibility to evolve are prioritized.


#1 Job Boards

SMART AWARD: “Best 50 Niche Job Sites”

niche job  boards board

How do you reach a niche specialized talent? In what communities does what kind of talent hang out? We want to connect employers to the right niches of talent. With 100,000+ pageviews in 2013, “Best 50 Niche Job Boards” proved to be the most valuable resource on the SmartRecruiters Blog.


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What’s your favorite blog post in 2013 about hiring?

David Smooke

David Smooke was the Director of Content Marketing and Social Media at SmartRecruiters and is the Founder of ArtMap Inc & AMI Publications.