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3 Best Answers to Recruiting Questions on LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, I have been asking recruiting questions. Practitioners know the trade best, I believe. But until today, I have yet to choose the “best answers.” Today, I chose 3 “best answers” to internet recruiting questions on LinkedIn’s Q and A section. Where is the recruiting industry heading? Find out. Here is some great insight from recognized LinkedIn experts.

Without Further Ado:


Is the term “Talent Pool” obsolete? 

Kenneth Larsen, Retired Aerospace Contracts Manager, MicroMentor Volunteer and Founder “Smalltofeds,” says

Best Answer: Talent is fluid these days. It is also being re-defined. Thus, what used to be considered a “Pool” (either captive or available) is now a technologically-equipped, high speed resource of communicators with motivated skill sets seeking opportunity.

Loyalty has taken a back seat to the above. Recruiters, companies and entrepreneurs must recognize these hard facts of life. Economic hardship is also putting a hard, cynical edge on many and selling in the new talent pool now must occur both ways (employer and employee).

To an extraordinary degree the age in which we live is requiring us to redefine trust and the degree to which communication and expectation contribute to it.

Consider simpler times a few years past (say 50). Trust was necessary in many venues as a means of survival on a day to day basis. We relied on others extensively for our well being from our local store to our banker, from the policeman to the politician. And we knew them all better, we could reach out and touch them and we were not viewing them in sound bites and web sites, nor were we being bombarded with multiple forms of input to digest about them.

Mass marketing and communications has created expectations beyond reality in venues from romance web sites to building wealth. We must come down to earth and become much more sophisticated in the manner win which we view all this input and sift it in a meaningful way to have true trust. If we do not we run a high risk and that fact is inescapable.


Question: Should Every Open Job Be Shared on Facebook?


Scott Axel, Technical Recruiter at Intuit, 3900+ Connections LION, says

Answer: I think if it is done properly – yes.

Should recruiters using their status updates to push jobs all the time? No way. Nobody wants to see that. You have to remember that for the most part job seekers do not use their Facebook page to search for jobs.. so they are probably not connecting up with a large base of recruiters (like LinkedIN) Also – since Facebook is geared towards a personal touch most of a recruiters network will not be potential candidates.

I think companies should setup facebook pages to post jobs and other information about their company. This allows for FB to be properly used as a job search / recruiting tool without annoying your friends. It can also be used as market research for potential candidates to learn more about your company culture and values.

Just like twitter you want to mix content AND job postings.. not just jobs. If we only post jobs we are as annoying as the daily hot list candidate emails from a random company in India that we all get way too often!


Question: Why is “Social Recruiting” trending? Isn’t all recruiting a social encounter?

Brijendra Chaudhary, Human Resources at Dodsal E & C Pte Ltd, says

Answer: Good Idea.

Congratulations to the Experts of Experts! Much Thanks to Kenneth Larsen, Scott Axel, and Brijendra Chaudhary.
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