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3 Strategies to Build Successful Recruitment Campaigns

The aim of a job ad is to encourage the highest number of high-calibre candidates to click and apply. That’s the only moment of truth for a job ad. However, since studies have shown that an ad is only one piece of the puzzle, now is the time to stop playing the odds with talent sourcing. Candidates will be more likely to click and apply when you actively publish more online about your brand.

The majority of people – 75% – are passive candidates, who could be tempted to apply for a new job if the right opportunity came along. Even if you aren’t recruiting for certain roles right now, creating an inbound talent pipeline means you will have hundreds more resumes on file than taking the reactive approach to recruitment.

Winning the war for talent means outmaneuvering your competitors to find the best people, then recruiting them. This means using the three following strategies, with their respective measures of success:

  • Social media content. But don’t limit this to Facebook and LinkedIn. Distribute your content far and wide, beyond the obvious places. Make your job ads stand out, with eye-catching headlines, a few selling points about the company, the work the successful candidate would be doing while measuring the click-through rates for employer branding and recruitment campaigns. Leverage tools like Candarine, which allows you to widen the reach of your job ads to major, niche social media sites and communities.
  • With this content, create an inbound talent pipeline, with the measurement being the number of candidates who apply. Gradually build a database of viable candidates, while focusing on long-term employer branding value. Track where your candidates come from with sourcing analytics, and manage your candidates through CRM/talent pool capabilities of modern ATSs like SmartRecruiters.
  • Assess candidate quality. Recruitment has been a subjective art. Hiring is as much about gut feeling and cultural fit as a candidate’s skills and experiences. Increasingly, quantitative data is being used to assess potential hires. Scoring candidates against a range of measures is the best way to assess the effectiveness of recruitment and employer branding campaigns, giving you a clear indication that this approach is having a positive impact. Implement candidate evaluation scorecards for your recruiting teams and hiring managers, so you can in a structured way evaluate both candidate skills and cultural fit.

Ready Build Campaigns Through Social Networks?

As we have seen in this blog post, being present in social media and online communities is a key part of building an engaging recruitment campaign. Are you currently incorporating social media in recruitment strategy?

Extend your reach and engage with candidates where they really are. SmartRecruiters has partnered with Candarine to provide the value of targeted social media campaign to you and bring your job ads to places where your candidates are on social space.


The article was written by Vaida Vaitekunaite, Head of Alliances at Candarine. After working on various projects of Recruitment industry, Vaida sticked to recruitment marketing and is now expanding Candarine operations in United States.

Candarine is a smarter social media management platform for recruiters. Go beyond jobs boards and generic social media updates: Reach high caliber candidates through the right channels, with the right message at the right time.

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