5 Best Employer Brands on Pinterest

Pinterest is the number one social network for women aged 18-34.  The average Pinterest user spends 98 minutes per month on the site. The site’s visitor and its website traffic makes Pinterest attractive to the consumer products companies as valuable option to drives sales and conversations about their brand. Pinterest is also generating conversations from recruiters, hiring managers, and job seekers alike as visual images are becoming an increasingly popular storytelling tool in recruitment and workfore marketing circles.
Once you determine the conversations that may or may not be happening with your employer brand on Pinterest and if the audience matches your target candidate audience, it’s time to take a look at other brands that are sharing details about company job openings, company culture, and employment branding.

Check out the Top 5 Pinterest Accounts for Recruiting Talent:

5. The New Traditionalists.  Furniture company located in new York city uses their funky and unique style to help recruit employees to their organization through Pinterest.


4. WIU Careers.  A university career services department that provides career advice and assistance for both students and alumni on Pinterest.  Their boards provide insights into the organization but also help for the job seeker.


3. Flex Jobs. Niche job board for the telecommuting and freelance comunity are taking notice of Pinterest and the opportunity for job distribution, SEO and web traffic benefits it provides as well as the reputation one can build with passive and active job seekers.


2. GE Careers.  General Electric not only has a strong employer brand, but their use of Pinterest board to tell a story about their organization and the diverse programs and projects that make up the company that are very compelling.

Taco Bell Careers.  The restaurant industry often times in my mind adapts very quickly to the ever-changing social media and technology landscape when it comes the field of employer branding and workforce marketing.  Taco Bell’s Pinterest boards don’t disappoint.

The bottom line is that Pinterest is still early in its consumer branding and marketing stage.  These 5 companies are on the right employer branding path. This means that many companies – while interested – are still taking a wait and see approach over experimentation when developing their employment brand strategy when it comes to recruiting on Pinterest.  Is your organization using Pinterest to reach this audience for candidate and workforce marketing purposes?  If so, I’d love for you to leave a comment below and share your company’s Pinterest page.

Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR is a workplace technology and social media analyst who is the chief blogger at the leading HR and workplace blog, Blogging4Jobs.  You can follow Jessica’s pinning passions at @blogging4jobs


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Jessica Miller-Merrell Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR is a HR consultant, new media strategist, and author who writes at Blogging4Jobs. Jessica is the host of Job Search Secrets, an internet television show for job seekers.
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