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5 Social Recruiting Trends

Social recruiting continues to generate buzz, business and blog posts.  Here’s a wrap of some of the recent headlines. As always, SmartRecruiters remains at the fore of innovation in hiring.  Their totally redesigned homepage breaks down the full feature set (including social recruiting), while Director of Social Media David Smooke explained social media recruiting is trending to commonplace.

5. Twitter as a Recruiting Platform Continues to Grow

Melissa Shaw of ITworld breaks down The Top 10 social recruiting cities.  Says Shaw, “Twitter is the up-and-coming job-hunting platform, with 500,000 jobs posted to the network each month. And…24% of those are in IT.” It’s still not approaching number of jobs posted on Facebook, but it’s rising…


4. AngelList Shows Who’s Hiring and Who’s Raising

AngelList continues to be a great place to see what industries are heating up, and there’s no shortage of social recruiting startups on there — including SmartRecruiters and SmartRecruiters’ friends Ongig and InternMatch.


3. Still No Substitute for Some In-Person Networking (←that’s me)

It’s not too early to plan for The Future of HR (25 Hottest HR Tech Startups) January 8 or Social Recruiting Strategies Conference January 28-30, 2014 (featuring Craig Fisher, Maren Hogan, Jason Webster and William Tincup and more).


2. And What About Google+ for Social Recruiting? has some cool background materials on Google+, including a section on leveraging Google+ for your recruiting efforts.


1. Twitter vs. LinkedIn vs. Facebook

Lauren Dugan of AllTwitter (one of the many great MediaBistro resources on the web) asks “Will Twitter Surpass LinkedIn As The Top Social Recruiting Channel?” And what about Facebook’s 1 billion candidate profiles?  According to Dugan, Twitter “is estimated to reach a massive 2 million job postings per month by the end of 2014.”


Whether social recruiting is a key piece of your hiring strategy or not, the numbers don’t lie: it continues to grow, and companies continue to adopt it.  For a limited time, enjoy 50% off 30-day job posts at MediaBistro, a major hub for jobs and recruiting for social and traditional media professionals.


Benjamin Klafter

@BizDevBen is a native of San Francisco, practices martial arts, and is on a quest to partner with all the best recruiting services.

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