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50 Ways To Gain More LinkedIn Page Followers

Creating a LinkedIn company page is the easy part; getting people to actually follow your page is where many business owners need a little guidance.

Growing your LinkedIn presence all comes down to two main strategies: promoting your page and producing engaging content that drives shares and increases your visibility. This article will look at 50 ways to get LinkedIn page followers using these two strategies.

1. If your employees are on LinkedIn, ask them to add your page as their workplace. When they do this, they will automatically become followers of your page.

2. Optimize your content for optimal amplification. According to LinkedIn, “best-of” lists get almost 40% more amplification than regular company posts.

3. Use the LinkedIn company follow plugin to put a follow button on your website or blog.

4. Share YouTube videos with your followers. According to LinkedIn, followers who engage with videos on LinkedIn take twice as many “amplification actions” (shares, comments, etc.) as they do on non-video posts.

5. Optimize your LinkedIn page for search engines. Include relevant keywords in your description and in your posts (especially longer, content-heavy posts that tend to do well in search).

6. Engage with your current connections and page followers FIRST.  There’s no point in attempting to grow your page if you’re not bothering to engage with the network you already have. Make a point of regularly commenting on and sharing other people’s posts.

7. Engage in LinkedIn groups. Participate in industry-related groups, sharing your thoughts and insights. As people get to know and trust you, they’ll check out your profile and page. For more on this, see my post The Definitive Guide To LinkedIn Groups For Marketing.

8. Share company news on your page. 53% of professionals say getting access to company news is why they joined LinkedIn in the first place.

9. Promote your LinkedIn page via your other marketing channels: Facebook, Twitter, your email list, etc.

10. Create multiple LinkedIn Showcase pages to highlight different departments, product categories or company initiatives. These pages work alongside LinkedIn pages, giving you more opportunities to grow your brand and engage with your customers.

11. Add the LinkedIn share button next to all your website content.

12. Include a link to your company page in the bio of your guest blog posts.

13. Add great content to your page (before you even ask for the follow). Your page should be enticing from the get-go, which means you need to have it populated with valuable content before you even work at growing your follower count.

14. Add a link to your company page in your email signature.

15. Write a blog post about LinkedIn, and link to your page within the post. For instance, “8 Renovation Companies You Need to Follow on LinkedIn”. This type of post not only sends referral traffic to your company page, but it may also get you ranking in Google for LinkedIn related keywords (e.g., renovation companies LinkedIn).

16. Post regularly to LinkedIn Pulse and encourage shares and comments on each article.

17. Monitor your LinkedIn analytics to see what kinds of posts are resonating with your audience. Post more of this type of content to increase shares and follows.

18. Regularly share useful content with your followers. Without a steady stream of content, your page is unlikely to grow. Give users a reason to follow your page!

19. Use images in all your page posts. Images tend to attract more attention to your posts, meaning more engagement and increased visibility.

20. Ask your employees to consistently share your page posts for maximum visibility.

21. Follow other complimentary businesses in your industry, and engage with and share their posts. Many will be likely to return the favor.

22. Include a call to action at the end of your blog posts, asking your visitors to follow your company page (e.g., “Be sure to follow my LinkedIn page, where I share breaking news and information”.)

23. Add a company widget to your website’s sidebar. The widget displays relevant info about your company, as well as a follow button to attract clicks through to your page.

24. Limit the self-promotion. As with any social media platform, keep the promotional content to a minimum. A good rule of thumb is 80/20: 80% relevant industry-related info, 20% promotional content. Test this out in your own niche – you may even find 20% is too high.

25. Post regularly. In order to consistently grow your page, you’ll need to make an effort to post relevant content on a regular basis.

26. Create an industry-related LinkedIn group. Share valuable information and facilitate interesting discussions, establishing your group as a hub for those in your industry. Periodically share relevant page content with group members to supplement current discussions.

27. Share your job postings on your page. Popular job postings often lead to an increase in page followers.

28. Make sure your company profile is complete. LinkedIn shows a preference for complete bios in on-site search, so make sure yours is 100% complete.

29. Track your company’s LinkedIn content marketing score. This score will tell you what percentage of your LinkedIn audience you’re actually reaching with your content. It can also show you how your reach compares to others in your industry, allowing you to strategize how you can improve your content.

30. On your personal profile, use your company page as your current place of employment. This will automatically display your company logo on your personal page, adding an eye-catching element of interest to encourage click-throughs.

31. Capitalize on trending topics by creating timely content that will attract clicks. Not sure how to find popular topics? Check out my article How to Find Trending Blog Topics Your Audience Will Actually Care About (this applies to LinkedIn posts too!).

32. Assign multiple administrators to your page. Encourage your admins to share your page updates with their connections, and to regularly post engaging content on the page.

33. Post your page updates during LinkedIn’s busiest hours for maximum impact: Monday to Friday, morning or midday.

34. Include a link to your company page on your business cards. Better yet, use a QR code on your cards to send people directly to your page.

35. Leverage your existing LinkedIn connections to grow your page. Ask your network to follow your page, and to share it with their connections.

36. Not sure what to post on your page? 60% of members say they’re on LinkedIn for the industry-related insights.

37. Connect with top content-consuming LinkedIn members to dramatically increase content sharing. LinkedIn has written a guide on exactly how to do this.

38. Use LinkedIn’s targeted updates to segment your page followers. This allows you to tailor your posts to different segments of your audience, increasing relevance and engagement.

39. Ask questions of your page followers. Questions are great for getting engagement, and for generating lively conversations; in fact, questions on LinkedIn get 50% more comments than posts without questions.

40. Sync all your contacts on LinkedIn using LinkedIn Connected, and then ask new connections to follow your page.

41. Make sure your company page has an eye-catching homepage image to capture the attention of visitors. Here are the current dimensions for your logo and/or banner image.

42. Check out LinkedIn’s Trending Content to find popular topics you can incorporate into your own page posts.

43. Follow more pages and make more connections. The larger your network, the more chances you have to grow your page!

44. Ensure that the first 156 characters of your page description are optimized for search and for click-throughs, as this is what will be displayed for your page in the search engine results.

45. Be sure to include links in many of your page posts. LinkedIn posts with links tend to generate 45% higher engagement than those without.

46. Ask your employees to engage with your page’s content. Lots of activity can increase the social proof of your page for those who happen to visit it.

47. When leaving your signature in a group, include a link to your LinkedIn page rather than to your website.

48. Aim to post around 20 times per month to your page. According to LinkedIn, posting at this frequency will allow your posts to reach approximately 60% of your followers.

49. Use your full business name as your page name. Make it as easy as possible for people to find your page when searching for it using Google or on-site search.

50. Share your LinkedIn posts on Facebook and Twitter. This can increase engagement on your posts, as well as help build up your LinkedIn follower count.

What are your best tips for getting LinkedIn page followers? Share them with us below!

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