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8 Essential, Modern Tools for Recruiters

There are a million tools for recruiters out there, and every recruiter has their own method. Your methods might be different than ours here at SmartRecruiters, but our goals are aligned: finding and hiring top candidates.

Technology and the internet are making it easier than ever to source, review, and hire great candidates, and it’s sometimes hard to find the right tools to do the job when there are so many. That being said, here are 8 tools (already available to integrate into SmartRecruiters) that we think every professional recruiter should explore:

The Muse

Attracting the right candidates to your job can be a chore. And communicating your company’s culture over the phone or text can get lost in translation. The Muse helps your company attract the right candidates by professionally showcasing company information via photo and videos in your company profile – this allows people to get an inside look into the culture of your company long before they have joined the team. Additionally, The Muse will allow you to reach a large passive audience and caters to a very diverse user pool, with 65% of the audience reporting to be female, and 54% non-white.



Machine intelligence is getting better as time goes on, and more recruiting companies are utilizing it in different ways. Entelo uses predictive analytics and algorithms to help your recruiting team easily find and engage passive candidates. Entelo also gives you access to over 50 million candidates, and easily integrate them into SmartRecruiters.


Amazing Hiring

This AI-based web service helps find and recruit passive IT candidates. The way the software works is that it is an aggregator which collects information about IT candidates across 50+ resources on the internet. It then provides you with access to millions of IT talents profiles just waiting to be recruited. With AmazingHiring you have everything to source, evaluate, and hire top tech talent.



Kickstarter took crowdsourcing mainstream, and Yborder looks to bring it to recruiters. Yborder aims to get your jobs filled faster through your social connections and their network of recruiting professionals. YBorder states that they cost less and take less time than traditional recruiting methods. And the best part? You only have to pay if the candidate gets hired.


LinkedIn Recruiter

You would be hard pressed to find someone that has not heard of LinkedIn for recruiting. It’s almost an essential tool when sourcing candidates and learning about their work history. It should come as no surprise that it is also one of the best places to post your open jobs. Using LinkedIn is a great way to make sure you are getting enough visibility to your open positions and offers a vast network of viable candidates. As a LinkedIn Preferred Partner, SmartRecruiters integrates LinkedIn Recruiter directly: your recruiting flow won’t be disrupted when switching from tool to tool.



Glassdoor, the site for employee reviews, allows recruiters to attack finding great candidates on two fronts:

  • By using employee sourced reviews of your company, job seekers are able to get a glimpse into the type of company they would work for. Don’t shy away from the good, bad, and ugly, but instead, utilize these reviews to communicate what working for your company is like.
  • While potential candidates are researching companies, Glassdoor’s job board is able to catch candidates before they bounce off the site. Go from your reviews directly to sourced candidate without switching sites.


Stack Overflow

“Post and pray” is no longer a viable tactic for recruiting. Even though larger job boards allow you reach a large pool of candidates, a more targeted job board will help you find the diamond in the rough. Stack Overflow allows you to reach targeted, distributed software developers, who are both actively and passively looking for new positions. Using this niche “community” allows you to sit back and let the developers come to you for the roles you need to fill.



How could we forget our favorite Talent Acquisition Suite? We strive to help you easily find, engage, and hire great talent. From being able to build a great talent pipeline through recruitment marketing, to collaborating with the appropriate people at the right time, and being able to manage the impact that you are having on your hiring success through deep analytics, SmartRecruiters is the all in one solution you need to help your company reach it’s hiring goals.

Don’t let technology be the factor holding you back from you achieving hiring success! With the above tools you can make sure that you are prepped and ready to tackle the complexities of the modern recruiter. For more ATS information check out the Better Buys post: “the 5 ATS systems to watch in 2017”, and complete your whole Talent Acquisition Suite.



SmartRecruiters' Talent Acquisition Suite has everything you need to attract, select, and hire the best talent.