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7 Speakers to Add to Your Shortlist at Hiring Success 2020

Hiring Success is just 25 days away! As always, we’ve assembled the finest lineup of talent acquisition leaders to present on topics that will expand your horizons—professionally and personally. Join us for what’s going to be the most memorable recruiting event of the year.

Attending Hiring Success is a bit like visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The available content is exquisite; however, it would be next to impossible to try and absorb all of it in a single visit. There’s simply too much. It’s best to focus on quality over quantity. That is, of course, unless you’re into the whole conference fatigue thing. 

For the rest of you, we advise coming up with a shortlist of sessions tailored to your personal interests ahead of time. To help you do so, here’s our second roundup post of this year’s speakers

Albert Loyola: Accenture, Artificial Intelligence Lead in TA and HR

Albert Loyola is a technology and AI HR enthusiast, currently employing his talents at Accenture. Previously, he worked in talent development and HR for major corporations such as Duke Energy, the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, PepsiCo, and Ignite.

In addition to artificial intelligence, he is an expert in the following areas: machine learning in employee training, RPA & intelligence automation in recruiting, design thinking, employee experience, and enterprise transformation.

Loyola will be leading the following session on day two: Reimagine Recruiting in the Age of AI.

Bridgette Corridan: Speaker, Talent Strategist & Coach

With over twenty years of experience as a talent strategist, speaker and coach, Bridgette Corridan is passionate about building talent strategies that support employee engagement, transparent cultures, customer satisfaction and stellar business performance. She deeply understands the importance of building and connecting leads that connect with a deeper purpose, bringing enthusiasm and positivity into the work environment.

Her areas of expertise include talent acquisition strategy, behavioral interview training, executive coaching, and talent systems architecture. She has worked closely with leading brands such as Apttus, Marin Software, Eventbrite, Open Table, Restoration Hardware (RH), and Stella & Dot.

Corridan will be co- leading the following roundtable discussion on day one: Candidate Experience

Ellis Briery: Triplebyte, Head of Talent

Ellis Briery is the Head of Talent at Triplebyte, a technical recruiting company that “helps great engineers find work at the fastest growing companies in the world, with the least amount of time and effort.”

Briery has been in the recruiting space since 2012; for four of those years he held the title of CEO and founder at T3 Intelligence. A San Francisco native, Briery is committed to scaling and evolving teams of top talent to meet the ever-growing needs of startups. He is an expert in creating full-cycle recruiting processes that scale. 

Briery will be co-leading the following roundtable discussion on day one: Employer Branding.

Jason Paradowski: Bosch, Head of HR Service and Talent Acquisition, Americas 

Jason was named Executive Director of the HR Shared Services team for Bosch in North America in 2013. He now serves as the Regional Head for HR Shared Services; servicing over 42,000 associates in North, Central, and South America. The Bosch Group is a leading supplier of technology and services with over 400,000 associates in some 70 countries in four business sectors: Mobility, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. 

Paradowski will be leading the following session on day two: Slicing Time-to-Hire From 80 to 30 Days.

Elena Valentine: Skill Scout, CEO/Co-Founder

With the war for talent reaching new heights, Elena Valentine is on the frontlines of employer branding. Elena is an expert in leveraging video storytelling in talent acquisition, citing the medium as a much-needed antidote to poorly crafted, uninspiring job requisitions.

With the motto “you cannot be what you cannot see,” Elena started filming jobs as a way to get young people excited about the world of work. Since then, her team at Skill Scout has built a world class media company. Their films have helped clients like Nike and American Airlines engage candidates and employees alike. 

Valentine will be leading the following session on day two: Recruitment Video Storytelling.

Jonathan Kestenbaum: Talent Tech Labs, Co-founder & Managing Director

Jonathan Kestenbaum is the Co-Founder & Managing Director of Talent Tech Labs. He is a lawyer by education and an entrepreneur and investor by trade. Kestenbaum can be found at HR technology conferences all over the world as a sought-after speaker and panelist sharing deep insights into the evolution of the talent acquisition ecosystem. His company Talent Tech Labs operates as an innovation hub, fostering technological advancement that improves the way talent is sourced, engaged, selected and hired. 

Kestenbaum will be leading the following session on day one: Talent Acquisition Landscape: Attract

Ellen Kapoor: ITW, Talent & Leadership Development

Ellen Kapoor is a human resources professional with a passion for leadership and attracting, developing, and retaining the next generation of talent. She is currently the Director of Talent Management & Leadership Development at ITW. Working as part of corporate HR, Kapoor helps ITW by providing key leadership and support in ITWs candidate pipeline. She works to raise awareness of ITW as an employer of choice and ultimately enhancing the quality, depth and diversity of the company’s leadership pipeline.

Kapoor will be co-leading the following roundtable discussion on day one:  Employer Branding.

Laudine Vallarta: ETSY, Global Head of Talent Acquisition

Laudine Vallarta is a strategic people and talent acquisition leader with 14 years of expertise in the technology, retail, and network television industries. At Etsy, she is responsible for the talent acquisition roadmap, ensuring the company is in the best possible position to attract, retain and develop talent.

Among other things, she’s in charge of global recruitment employer branding, internal mobility, D&I recruiting and referral programming. She is an expert in building strong relationships with leadership and executive teams as an internal consultant to continuously collaborate and advise on the day-to-day as well as forward-thinking strategies.

Vallarta will be leading the following session on day one:  Interviewing Rubrics

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