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A Business is Called Company Because…

A business is called company because of its people’s will to produce value.

The history of “to produce” is Latin, deriving from produco: to lead forth, or bring forward. The history of “company” is Old French, meaning compaignie, or companionship. And the history of “business” is Old English, combining busy and -ness. It is in the etymology from culture to culture to culture, the real business value of a company depends on its people.

In America’s modern corporate structure, those in human resources and recruitment, traditionally, evaluate the abilities and personalities of new people interested in the company, most of which, are interested in work that is not human resources or recruiting. Human resource professionals and recruiters need the help of different departments to hire the best abilities and personality matches. Technology that can increase collaboration between HR/recruiting and the expanding department, will create more productive hiring.

Already, most companies understand that workers of relevant departments should be involved when hiring. 70% of people who have hired say their company includes at least three current workers in each hiring decision. However, only 24% of those “know where things stand” with a current candidate.

This is why HireLoop is the technology to revolutionize how America hires. HireLoop is the real-time pulse on your company’s potentially new people. Feedback and conversation about incoming CVs, professional profiles, portfolios, candidate messages, and interviews, become one internal social feed. It’s Your HireLoop. Log in to SmartRecruiters, recruiting software, and you will know your colleagues opinions of who to hire, and why.


a business is called company because


Plus, free and unlimited users eliminates the incentive to not invite a potentially relevant co-worker because of cost.

When it comes to business, position your people to expand your company. HireLoop.

David Smooke

David Smooke was the Director of Content Marketing and Social Media at SmartRecruiters and is the Founder of ArtMap Inc & AMI Publications.