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A Spring to Hire

Welcome to the new website! We’ve done a lot more than trade in our purple logo for a green one. SmartRecruiters spent the winter strengthening our brand and increasing our usability. It’s time to share the fruits of our labor so the labor market can grow, buy and eat more fruit.
We are excited for you to take advantage of our slick and more functional layout. Check out our updated product descriptions. Step by step, we detail how each feature will add value to your business by making hiring easy.

Take notice of the Zero Unemployment Movement, if you haven’t already. It is a call to the likeminded, what can we do to fight unemployment today? For we can’t accept unemployment as given and you shouldn’t either.

Ahead, look for our weekly blogs on the labor markets, human resources, and the recruiting industry. Our expertise are at your fingertips. Peruse the website. Taste our fruit. And we would love your feedback.

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David Smooke

David Smooke was the Director of Content Marketing and Social Media at SmartRecruiters and is the Founder of ArtMap Inc & AMI Publications.