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An ATS Built with Recruiters in Mind

Consultants are hired with the agreement they will provide advice, vision, and strategy to create results. In order to be successful consultants need to beyond knowledgeable in their field, they need to be experts. Our mission at Top Tier Consulting is to provide expert IT and healthcare consulting to drive results for our clients; of course this cannot be achieved without hiring a great team.

Our approach is slightly different than traditional consulting firms. We believe in collaboration throughout the entire process. We offer our employees a chance to work directly with our partners, and business owners. We believe flexibility leads to creativity and success for our clients. When I’m recruiting and hiring for Top Tier Consulting, one of my biggest selling point is that when you join this team you’re more than a Consultant for one specific project, you’re a contributor in everyone’s day-to-day and everyone’s success.

The challenge in hiring in the consulting industry is no different than any other – we are competing for top talent. We are a smaller firm of only 45 people, which means we’re competing for the same talent as giant consulting firms with huge brand recognition and an endless budget. For Top Tier, I need something that doesn’t drain our budget; I need to know exactly which recruiting methods are working for us, and I need something simple that allows me to spend my time hiring instead of constantly calling an IT department. That’s SmartRecruiters.

SmartRecruiters does not only meet our needs as midsize company but also matches our values as a company. Let me spell them out for you:



Stay independent and objective. SmartRecruiters allows anyone who needs to be involved in the hiring process to be allowed in the hiring process. Yes, I’m the recruiter on the team, but there are multiple consultants who have a role in the hiring process. SmartRecruiters allows them to leave their feedback without having to wait in line and go through me. Ahh – independence.

Use a fact-based approach and build capabilities to sustain improvement. Data. Data. Data. SmartRecruiters shows me the entire history of our recruiting efforts so I’m not forced to start all over at the beginning of each hiring season. I know what works, because SmartRecruiters shows me what works.

Provide thoughtful leadership. At T2C we understand the value of a cohesive and collaborative team. Our clients are best served when we work together to come up with the best ideas. Much like our consulting process, we make the best hires by working together. SmartRecruiters lets us facilitate that collaboration with HireLoop.

Build enduring relationships based on trust. In the consulting business, we rely on relationships with our clients to yield the best results. Trust needs to move both ways. The same is true with our candidates. We don’t want a reputation as company who puts their candidates through hell and back, only not to receive a response from us regarding the status of their application. Because I can manage and view all my candidates so easily in SmartRecruiters I’m able to tell exactly where in the process they are, our last contact, and how to move going forward – no one gets left behind.


Top Tier Consulting is not your average business, and SmartRecruiters is not your average ATS. I genuinely believe that SmartRecruiters was made with a recruiter in mind. I didn’t think a plug and play existed before, everything else I’ve worked with struck me as “made for the IT department.”

SmartRecruiters works with the flexibility I do. Not to mention I had one of the greatest customer service experiences of my life with Nik. It’s clear all the way around, SmartRecruiters cares about the people using their service. I mean, just look at what they built us.



Gretchen Benes is the Senior Recruiter at Top Tier Consulting.

She’s an expert at connecting people, providing an extraordinary candidate experience, full-cycle recruiting and using technology and social media to make it happen. 


Gretchen Benes