Dominique Rodgers

Dominique Rodgers has worked in HR related positions for the past 10 years. She is currently the Office Manager at Reputation Capital Media and a student at LSU. If you are interested in HR, recruiting, employee benefits, Doctor Who, or the collective works of Joss Whedon, please connect with her on Twitter @HRGalFriday!

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5 Tips for Getting New Employee Job Orientation Right

Imagine this:  It’s your first day at a company that you’ve heard wonderful things about.  You arrive 15 minutes early, tell the receptionist that you’re here to see Ms. X, your new boss, and then you wait – for 2 hours! When someone does finally fetch you from the lobby (literally 30 seconds before you were planning to walk out), they take you to HR, shove you in there for a bit of paperwork, then you wait again until they come get you to take you to your department.  read more…