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Mike Johnson is the Chief Sales Officer for SmartRecruiters.

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Selecting an ATS: Don’t Just Check the “Recruiting” Box.

When CIOs evaluate ATS solutions, many say they want best-of-breed features across all HR functionality, but when it comes to recruiting they simply “check the box” and move on. Yet more CIOs now pay much closer attention to talent acquisition – not surprising given than 61 percent of CIOs say finding skilled IT professionals is a challenge.

Consider this: Companies that adopt best practices and processes for recruiting generate 3.5 times the revenue than peers that have not. Without specific tools built with recruiting in mind, you’ll end up with a mediocre solution at best.

Want proof? All it takes is one simple challenge.

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How Your Career Site Might Be Killing Your Brand

Think about this: recruiting is the only public facing HR function. They interface with millions of candidates each year. and all of those candidates matter. According to 2015 research by The Talent Board:

33% of candidates with a negative experience intended to share the news publicly via social media.

41% of candidates who had a poor overall experience intended to take their loyalty elsewhere.

The user experience on your career site is a case in point – it has a direct impact on how people feel about your company. The stakes are even higher if you’re a B2C company where any candidate is just a few clicks away from being your next customer. Like it or not, the CHRO has an obligation to support the brand and provide a candidate experience that properly reflects it in the market.

Here are the symptoms you need to be aware of in regards to a career site that turns away candidates and customers:

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A Guide To Getting Your 2017 Recruiting Strategy Right

It’s a new year and that means it’s time to learn from the successes and failures of 2016 by setting a fresh strategy for 2017. That means matching what you want to accomplish internally, against possible external market forces like technology shifts, behavioral shifts, supply and demand shifts, and more.

Which of these factors will help or hinder you from reaching your goals? Based on research and feedback from hundreds of SmartRecruiters customers, below are the most important things to consider as you formulate your strategy for 2017: read more…

A Lesson in Disruptive Recruiting from Amazon Go

In case you’ve been living under a rock these past few days or can’t come unglued from your post election Facebook feed, you may have missed that Amazon just announced the opening of a grocery store without a checkout line. Let me repeat that: the opening of a grocery store without a checkout line! The simplicity and power of that statement is magical.

Here’s the thinking and strategy: the biggest waste of time in shopping is the checkout process. Remove that part of the experience and you’ve completely disrupted the grocery store market. It’s easier said than done of course. There’s some serious tech underneath the hood. Amazon calls it “Just Walk Out Technology”, a mash up of computer vision, deep learning algorithms, and sensor fusion. You can watch their demo video here.

But how does this relate to recruiting? A little disruption can give you and your team big returns in finding and hiring the best talent.

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HR Tech Chicago ’16 ATS Shopping Guide – 5 Key Requirements To Look For

Hosted at Chicago’s McCormick Place, this year’s HR Tech is going to be as exciting as ever. The show itself should prove again that HR tech is hot, as investors continue to pour money into the talent acquisition space. Not only that, it will showcase some amazing innovations around how employers can leverage technology to better find, engage, and hire talent.

So as you shop for new Talent Acquisition tools, below are five key requirements you should look for when looking for a new Applicant Tracking System. So buckle up, enjoy Chicago, and hit the show floor to find your next piece of recruiting software: read more…

3 Essential Metrics to Run a Data Driven Recruiting Process

HR has made great strides in getting a “seat at the table”. Why? One reason is that CEOs consistently rank finding top talent as critical to the future of their businesses. They need a strong business partner “at the table” to drive the company recruiting agenda. But having a seat at the table means knowing your success numbers in the same way sales, marketing, and finance leaders do.

While more sophisticated talent acquisition departments may have hundreds of reports around recruiting – along with the business intelligence tools and analysts to support them – they tend to be the minority. So to help the rest of you get that coveted “seat at the table”, here are three key metrics that will link your recruiting work to the bottom line, and give CEOs a stronger reason to invest in your TA department. read more…