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Best 10 Company Career Pages for 2017

Is working in your organization a dull and dreary chore? The careers section of your website might make it seem so. That’s a shame. I see so many career pages that are so boring and lifeless when I know the company is actually an exciting place to be.

Remember that your main careers page is not just a place to collect information from candidates. It’s your introduction, your chance to make a great first impression. Attracting top talent requires an attractive presentation. Make the most of it.

Here are examples of 10 companies with career pages that are both attractive and communicate the essence of the organization’s mission, values, and employer brand.

These 10 companies, not in any specific order, each offer insights into techniques you might want to consider as you update your career site

10. iAdvize

iAdvize is a leading real-time customer engagement platform in Europe used in 40 different countries, promoting itself as adding a “human touch” to customer service.

The career page makes excellent use of video to show off its team and explain what life at work is really like. Also impressive is that the site has a prominent “our advice” section that demonstrates a level of transparency into the application and evaluation process that candidates appreciate.

iAdvize career page


9. Oath

Oath is a new subsidiary of Verizon, including brands such as AOL, Yahoo!, and others with a career page making it clear that “opportunity is infinite” to “build brands people love.”

Rebranding for multiple brands is never easy, but this career page displays a minimalist design that’s clean so it’s easy to find those opportunities at specific brands. There’s an attractive global map of job locations and dynamic imagery that makes it clear that “having fun at work isn’t optional.”

Oauth career site


8. Balsam Brands

Balsam Brands is a home decor and consumer products company best known for their ultra realistic artificial Christmas trees. Their warm and engaging careers page leads with company culture.

Job openings are presented in a simple, clear, yet attractive layout while colorful and expressive photography conveys the company’s fun work environment. The related Team page emphasizes the value they place on their people – highlighting company trips and office games as well as the unique personalities of their employees.

Balsam Brands career site


7. Visa

Visa asks visitors to “find your everywhere” with an employer brand that fits the “everywhere you want to be” framework of its overall branding.

At the careers page, it’s easy to find potential roles. Content introduces visitors to people who work at Visa, and explains the company’s mission and commitment to giving back to the community. It also links to various social media networks so everyone can discover their “everywhere.”

Visa career site


6. Square

Square makes it clear that they are “looking for curious, hard-working leaders to join our team” on its page that presents information clearly and concisely, yet also shows specific areas of expertise asking candidates to “see where you fit in.”

The page also includes a section that features teams that are in exceptional need for high-quality talent.

Square career site


5. PayScale

PayScale, a salary, benefits and compensation information company, displays its core values clearly on its career site: trust, creativity, fun, and community – under an umbrella employer brand of “Important work. Fun play.”

The page also presents its generous benefits in a “pretty sweet deal” section, which include a list of more than a dozen perks to impress potential candidates.

Payscale career site


4. Atlassian

Atlassian, a global provider of collaboration technology displays a colorful career page that introduces some of its team members, not only in terms of their job, but also their outside interests ranging from juggling to dancing to knitting.

This approach adds a dynamic personality to the site, which also clearly shows the awards Atlassian has won as a great place to work, the company’s values, plus its many perks.

Atlassian career site


3. Pluralsight

Pluralsight, a leading enterprise technology learning platform dedicated to “democratize professional technology learning,” makes that mission clear in a video that appears front and center asking candidates, “Are you ready for new challenges and new opportunities?”

In addition, a clearly designed section for searching for opportunities plus two clear links to guides on benefits and corporate culture offers candidates quick access to information they’re looking for.

Pluralsight career site


2. Equinox

Equinox operates 80+ upscale, full-service clubs in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, offering exceptionally designed facilities and specialized training to those who aspire to a high-performance lifestyle.

The career site clearly presents the company’s mission, ambitions, and values with a design that matches its upscale branding and makes it easy to search for opportunities.

Equinox career site


1. Scality

Scality, the world leader in object and cloud storage, makes it abundantly clear on its site that the company expects to “revolutionize enterprise storage.” There’s a clear link to the company’s hiring strategy, which makes it process and expectations transparent.

The main career page also features company employees so candidates can find out more about the team with another section showing how the company is committed to recognizing individual excellence.

Scality career site


Your one first impression. Make it count.

You only have one chance to make a great first impression. Today’s candidates are not impressed by a list of job ads, but will engage with you if you demonstrate your culture, your values, the benefits you offer, and potential for career advancement.

Don’t waste these opportunities to make your career brand really shine! It’s not that difficult, but this is an investment that pays off in filling roles in a lot less time at a far lower cost.

Nick Ricciardi