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Best 10 University Career Services

When it’s the time of year to pick a college there are hundreds of factors that go into the decision making process. Location, dorms, major, size – everything is factor because this is your life for at least four years. Unfortunately we often overlook Career Services. I can admit I’m guilty of leaving this out of my college decision equation. Career Services are not something you should ignore. You are in college to get a career, of course. The Princeton Review is your destination for college knowledge. Here are my thoughts on their recently published rankings of best career services.

These 10 universities have dedicated themselves to going above and beyond for their students, particularly in the Career Services department. They have all committed to providing an alumni network, alumni services, career classes, interest inventor, internships and on campus job interviews.


10. Sweet Briar College:
This all female college is dedicated to providing the best college experience possible while preparing young women for the future. Sweet Briar College has the “The Sweet Briar Promise,” this program promises that every student will land exactly where she wants to be upon graduation.

Popular Majors: Biology, Biological Sciences Academic Rating: 91


9. Barnard College:
Located in New York City, Barnard College gives its student body an opportunity to be immersed in the fast past life of a metropolitan area while maintaining a close knit all female college community. Students have access to programs at Columbia College so there is no shortage of preparatory career groups, and counselors.

Popular Majors: Economics, English Language & Literature Academic Rating: 92


8. Southern Methodist University:
This school is not only known for its deep running campus traditions, but also for its tradition of producing successful individuals outside of the college setting. SMU students have access to a particularly strong alumni network promising lots of mentors and lots of potential jobs.

Popular Majors: Business and Commerce, Economics Academic Rating: 78


7. Southwestern University:
With a student faculty ratio of 10:1, this college has the ability to focus on students as individuals. Students say that Southwestern curriculum “focuses heavily on student development and improvement.”

Popular Majors: Biology, Business & Commerce Academic Rating: 89


6. Wabash College:
This all male school has a reputation for being “small yet powerful.” These students live by the Wabash motto: “Think Critically, Act Responsibly, Live Humanely and Lead Effectively.” The school produces young men that are dedicated to creating a greater future. (PS. This school has a 95% acceptance rate into law school. I’m pretty sure that’s remarkable.)

Popular Majors: Classics & Classical Languages, Literature Academic Rating: 96


5. University of Florida:
Life on the beach can be distracting but UF doesn’t let their students fall by the wayside. University of Florida provides tons of research opportunities giving students a chance to take their studies into real world context. Aside from that students say, “The Gator Nation is one where anyone can build a future for themselves.”

Popular Majors: Biology, Mechanical Engineering Academic Rating: 75


4. Claremont McKenna College:
Perfect weather and beautiful surroundings don’t stop CMC students from going above and beyond. Teachers makes themselves available to students outside of the classroom, ensuring they’ll always be given the opportunity to succeed. CMC emphasizes professionalism in all activities and students rave about their career services center.

Popular Majors: Economics, Political Science Academic Rating: 98


3. Bentley University:
This university is known for is business related programs and its business related class are all taught by real-life business professionals. Additionally, Bentley supports specialized programs allowing students to create their own unique paths. Want a mixed curriculum? Bentley lets you have it.

Popular Majors: Accounting, Finance Academic Rating: 77


2. Northeastern University:
This school allows students to graduate with experience they only could have learned on the job. Through Northeastern’s Co-op program, second year students alternate classroom learning with full-time work or other hands-on programs related to their majors. By the time students graduate, they’ve already worked in a variety of settings.

Popular Majors: Business and Commerce, Engineering Academic Rating: 74


1. Pennsylvania State University,
 University Park: As students progress through college they are able to create individualized programs promising a personal relationship with teachers. Penn State is a HUGE school and its Alumni Network is vast and very powerful.

Popular Majors: Adult and Continuing Education, Administration Academic Rating: 73


Make your career services center a priority. The job market is tough, and any head start you can take no matter how small is worth taking. It would have been a HUGE help if I had the slightest clue about how to correctly format a resume, how to set up a LinkedIn profile – not to mention – career services center usually have exclusive career openings from alumni, for alumni. Like I said, you’re in college to earn the qualifications for your career, this is your time to be prepared. Pick a school that wants to help you.


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Lexie Forman-Ortiz

Lexie Forman-Ortiz is the Community Manager at SmartRecruiters.