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TA Open Mic Night: When Big Data and Recruiting Collide

What an excellent way to spend some great time last week at The Bureau – one of Paris’ hottest venues as we hosted our first ever Success Circle. It was an intimate gathering of roughly 40 attendees each as passionate as the next about the recruiting world. The agenda was fairly straightforward – getting anyone who lives and loves TA and has an opinion about the next wave of recruitment innovation under one roof and having Fun!

And fun it was for our Guests.

The who’s who of Parisian Talent Acquisition made it to the event. Talent Leaders from Gameloft, International SOS, Arkadin, Publicis Media, Broadbean, AssessFirst, EasyRecrue, Instarlink, MyJobCompany and Monkey-Tie were there to discuss recruiting best practices, network and learn from one another.

Gameloft – Romain Delebecque; Arkadin – Sophie Huss

So what did our attendees learn?

Our VP of Product, Rebecca Carr enthralled the audience as she spoke on the topic “What happens when recruiting and Artificial Intelligence collide”.  In this session, Rebecca dug deep into insights that can be gathered from data, courtesy of our global Talent Acquisition Suite. Specifically, Rebecca spoke about how big data can help you find better talent or even connect you to different sources of talent.

One big “aha” moment for me and many other recruiters in the room was learning that Jobs are actually an area where we do need machines. Rebecca shared that according to McKinsey, online talent acquisition platforms could raise GDP by up to $2.7 trillion by 2025 and create 72 million jobs. Isn’t that incredible?

Rebecca also addressed the one burning question that was on everyone’s mind – “Will AI and Recruiter Bots take over?” by showcasing examples of how, in reality, Artificial Intelligence is helping recruiting become more human.

Here are my 5  key takeaways about what happens when AI and Recruiting collide:

  • Transformation in sourcing and advertising
  • Acceleration in discovery and matching
  • Optimization in career moves for candidates
  • Automation of low-level tasks
  • Improvements in diversity sourcing

No awesome event is complete without networking time! There was, of course, an open bar with amazing French cheeses – an ideal setting for getting people to share their enthusiasm about the present and the future of Talent Acquisition.

If you’d like to learn more about the SmartRecruiters Talent Acquisition Suite, click here.

Eric Gelle

Eric Gelle