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Bright Light at LinkedIn Talent Connect & HR Tech shows

Several recent trade shows have highlighted the technology transition that’s underway in the world of Talent Acquisition. First came the LinkedIn Talent Connect user conference a couple weeks ago in San Diego, next the HR Tech show last week in Las Vegas. Now this week comes the HR Tech World show in Paris.

The old was represented by ATSs and all the add-ons that seek to keep them relevant in today proactive, mobile and social recruiting world, while the new was represented by the SmartRecruiters Talent Acquisition Platform.

The response of attendees was startling.

Talent Connect attendees were amazed at how SmartRecruiters amplifies the return on their LinkedIn investment, including to the newly announced LinkedIn REFERRALS product. Jerome Ternynck, SmartRecruiters founder & CEO, was a beacon of hope for dozens of TA leaders seemingly stuck on outdated technology and desperate to maximize their LinkedIn ROI. Want to learn more? Jerome’s recent blog post has details.

Crowd at SmartRecruiters booth
Mob Scene at SmartRecruiters booth

The response at HR Tech was even more overwhelming, with the SmartRecruiters booth a mob scene of HRIT and TA folks eager to learn how they can market, collaborate and manage in an open, mobile and social way, all from one elegant platform. The case for this platform is summed up in a newly released white paper by Kyle Lagunas of Lighthouse Research. You can download “The Talent Acquisition Platform: The Case for a Modern System” by clicking here.

This week we take the good news to Paris. Hope to see you there!


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