Future of Recruiting

A Lesson in Disruptive Recruiting from Amazon Go

In case you’ve been living under a rock these past few days or can’t come unglued from your post election Facebook feed, you may have missed that Amazon just announced the opening of a grocery store without a checkout line. Let me repeat that: the opening of a grocery store without a checkout line! The simplicity and power of that statement is magical.

Here’s the thinking and strategy: the biggest waste of time in shopping is the checkout process. Remove that part of the experience and you’ve completely disrupted the grocery store market. It’s easier said than done of course. There’s some serious tech underneath the hood. Amazon calls it “Just Walk Out Technology”, a mash up of computer vision, deep learning algorithms, and sensor fusion. You can watch their demo video here.

But how does this relate to recruiting? A little disruption can give you and your team big returns in finding and hiring the best talent.

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The Future Trends of 2017 Recruiting in The UK

We had a great time at The Recruitment Conference 2016, presented by UK Recruiter. This conference brings together some of the brightest recruiting minds in the United Kingdom and includes exchanging ideas with other vendors and recruitment business leaders.

With all these great recruiting minds in the same place, we sought to answer the question “where is recruiting going in the future, especially in 2017?” Thankfully, I was able to learn some new things that should help other recruiters understand how to win the war for talent, and be competitive in an aggressive talent marketplace.

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Meetup Report: Rise of the Machines – Machine Learning and AI takeover recruiting

Talent Acquisition teams could be faced with a fantastic future: A recruiter posts a job, publishes it with one click to job boards around the web, gets a couple hundred candidates, an intelligent machine automatically sorts through this stack of candidates, and highlights the top 10 most qualified candidates tuned to the specifications for that job, the company and the team.

This dream of matching the right candidates to the job, which seemed so far off 10 years ago, is rapidly becoming reality. With machine learning and AI coming into its own in the last 2 years, AI is everywhere.

Big players are also jumping into the ring. IBM announced in September that they are launching Watson for recruiting. The tool will add an intelligence layer on top of a recruiting ATS or CRM system to rank candidates based on a fit score. Google announced on Tuesday that they are launching a new Cloud Jobs API in partnership with resume database giants such as Careerbuilder and Dice. This new machine learning service will apply Google’s algorithms to help job seekers to figure out their fit for a particular job.

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