Mobile Recruiting

Over 1 billion job searches are done per year on a mobile device. Hiring doesn’t stop when you leave your desk. For candidates, mobile recruiting starts with a mobile friendly job ads and career pages. For companies, mobile recruiting starts with a candidate management app for iPhone or Android. Learn more about mobile recruitment trends.

Mobile Recruitment: A Retailer’s Best Friend

While other areas of the business are quick to adopt mobile, talent acquisition is still far behind. In fact, according to research conducted by The Talent Board this year, only 13% of candidates apply for a job through a mobile device. By ignoring mobile, companies are missing a tremendous opportunity to attract and hire talent. Imagine walking into a store to apply for a position with a paper and pen or having to use a kiosk or store computer. The entire experience is uncomfortable and impersonal. With this type of experience, many qualified individuals would not apply for a job.

For any retailer that wants to attract talent and improve the candidate experience, mobile needs to be part of the equation.

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Validation Comes in Threes

A recent spate of reports, articles and interviews about SmartRecruiters validates the momentum surrounding the company, our Talent Acquisition Platform and our customers’ success with it.

First up was the JMP Hot 100 report, a compendium of the best private companies in the software industry. SmartRecruiters is honored to be on this exclusive list, especially given its focus on sustainable, long-term growth.

Next came the ComputerWeekly profile of Equinox Fitness’s hiring success, a remarkable story entitled Fitness club goes digital to recruit new staff quickly. Several items jump out.

  • 80% growth in the number of people applying for jobs since Equinox implemented SmartRecruiters.
  • Equinox has cut weeks off the time taken to hire new people.
  • Club managers, who are frequently on the move during the day, now review applications from their mobile phones and tablets. The HR team works jointly with the managers as advisors.

trustradius_logo_tm_1200 Finally came an interview about SmartRecruiters on the TrustRadius B2B software review site. This entailed me answering questions posed by TrustRadius based on their knowledge of what TA software buyers want to know.

They asked about our vision, the pain points that SmartRecruiters is built to address, the advantages of using a TA Platform vs. settling for an HRIS recruiting module, and the key trends for recruitment platforms in 2016. The result should be of use to HR, TA and HRIT leaders alike.

Interestingly, the interview was conducted on the sidelines of the recent HR Tech show in Las Vegas, as hundreds of people streamed in and out of the exhibition floor. Momentum knows no boundaries.

Weak Mobile Recruiting Strategies And The Struggle To Fill Jobs

The relationship between candidates and recruiters can be crucial to a company’s hiring strategy. But a new study from ADP confirms a growing narrative.

“There’s a pretty broad gap in terms of what job seekers look for and what recruiters actually deliver,” says Terry Terhark, President of talent acquisition solutions at ADP. ”As the unemployment rate ekes down it’s putting more pressure on the recruiting process.” read more…