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What Are You? A Recruiter? A Sourcer? Or Both?

In conversations with our customers, many of them raised an interesting question: what’s the real difference between a “recruiter” and a “sourcer”? These titles are sometimes used interchangeably, but it can be confusing to what each of these roles does. So what’s the difference?

  • You might think the difference is around seniority or experience: a sourcer grows in their role to become a recruiter, and a recruiter is a senior member of the team.
  • Or, you could think the difference is in the way they do the same job: a sourcer hunts for candidates anywhere, while a recruiter hunts for them solely online.
  • Or, you would differentiate the two by having the sourcer hunt for outbound candidates and a recruiter only works with candidates that have already applied.

But what’s the real definition? How does a company define a recruiter and a sourcer when it comes to the job description?

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