Recruiting Best Practices

Great Hiring Takes More Than Training. Collaboration is Key.

In a recent post on LinkedIn, James Ellis says that if we want better hires, we have to do a better job at training hiring managers. He says hiring is a skill that can be taught, but that it’s “ignored by almost all professional development programs.”

That may be true, but hiring top talent isn’t simply a matter of teaching individual managers specific skills. Hiring takes teamwork, and that requires establishing more engaging, more collaborative relationships across the entire organization.

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How Your Career Site Might Be Killing Your Brand

Think about this: recruiting is the only public facing HR function. They interface with millions of candidates each year. and all of those candidates matter. According to 2015 research by The Talent Board:

33% of candidates with a negative experience intended to share the news publicly via social media.

41% of candidates who had a poor overall experience intended to take their loyalty elsewhere.

The user experience on your career site is a case in point – it has a direct impact on how people feel about your company. The stakes are even higher if you’re a B2C company where any candidate is just a few clicks away from being your next customer. Like it or not, the CHRO has an obligation to support the brand and provide a candidate experience that properly reflects it in the market.

Here are the symptoms you need to be aware of in regards to a career site that turns away candidates and customers:

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A Guide To Getting Your 2017 Recruiting Strategy Right

It’s a new year and that means it’s time to learn from the successes and failures of 2016 by setting a fresh strategy for 2017. That means matching what you want to accomplish internally, against possible external market forces like technology shifts, behavioral shifts, supply and demand shifts, and more.

Which of these factors will help or hinder you from reaching your goals? Based on research and feedback from hundreds of SmartRecruiters customers, below are the most important things to consider as you formulate your strategy for 2017: read more…

Teamwork counts: How To Set Up a Hiring Team For Success

Thinking about making some great hires in 2017? Me too.

Of course, as Head of Talent here at SmartRecruiters, I do have an edge – access to next-generation tools to streamline my recruiting and hiring processes. But technology alone won’t help if I’m not following some fundamental best practices for collaborative hiring.

In my last post, “Making The Right Hire: Our Best Practices Should Be Yours,” I discussed a few of the best practices we published in our new whitepaper, “Making the Best Hire.” Here are some more ideas to consider as you ramp up for next year – setting up effective hiring teams.

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Making The Right Hire: Our Best Practices Should Be Yours.

I guess you could call me the original “Smart Recruiter.” After all, as the first Head of Talent here at SmartRecruiters, it was my job to quickly ramp up to scale our business – more than doubling our global team from 70 to over 140 in less than 36 months.

It’s a bit ironic, of course, because our company’s very mission centers on giving recruiters like me access to innovative tools to compete for the very best talent, plus partnering with our clients to share our strategic best practices for making great hires.

Do I follow the best practices we preach? You bet. I discuss those topics below, as well as in our new whitepaper, “Making the Right Hire,” with four best practices to adopt as 2017 dawns.

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