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Higher Salary Demands: The Cost of Poor Online Reviews

A recent article published at the Harvard Business Review, “Why Do Employees Stay?” examines key reasons why employers suffer high turnover, pointing out that replacing an employee costs about 21 percent of their annual pay.

That’s not so surprising. We all know (or should know) that there’s a high cost to organizations with reputations as poor employers, especially as reflected in online reviews.

But what I found very interesting is not just costs to replace an employee, but the premium employees demand from companies that don’t demonstrate that they value their teams.

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How Your Career Site Might Be Killing Your Brand

Think about this: recruiting is the only public facing HR function. They interface with millions of candidates each year. and all of those candidates matter. According to 2015 research by The Talent Board:

33% of candidates with a negative experience intended to share the news publicly via social media.

41% of candidates who had a poor overall experience intended to take their loyalty elsewhere.

The user experience on your career site is a case in point – it has a direct impact on how people feel about your company. The stakes are even higher if you’re a B2C company where any candidate is just a few clicks away from being your next customer. Like it or not, the CHRO has an obligation to support the brand and provide a candidate experience that properly reflects it in the market.

Here are the symptoms you need to be aware of in regards to a career site that turns away candidates and customers:

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A Guide To Getting Your 2017 Recruiting Strategy Right

It’s a new year and that means it’s time to learn from the successes and failures of 2016 by setting a fresh strategy for 2017. That means matching what you want to accomplish internally, against possible external market forces like technology shifts, behavioral shifts, supply and demand shifts, and more.

Which of these factors will help or hinder you from reaching your goals? Based on research and feedback from hundreds of SmartRecruiters customers, below are the most important things to consider as you formulate your strategy for 2017: read more…

3 Ways To Turn Candidates Into Customers With Recruiting Software

What is more important to your business right now: more leads, or more top talent? It’s pretty hard to decide! If I were playing the long game, I’d want to hire more top talent: Boston Consulting Group reported that delivering on recruiting goals returned 3.5x revenue growth and a 2x increase in profit margin. Those aren’t numbers to sneeze at!

But leads are also the lifeblood of your business – cash is king, as they say. And it’s very likely that fans of your brand are also applying to work for your company. So how can you attract high-quality candidates while also gaining new, loyal customers in the process? A new wave of recruitment software called “Talent Acquisition Suites” are rapidly replacing legacy Applicant Tracking Systems by leveraging new, frustration free experiences for candidates in some pretty clever ways which will allow you to get new leads and top talent in the same breath: read more…

The Best Times to Find the Perfect Intern

For small and underfunded companies, interns are a fantastic way to get some extra, eager, and competent hands on deck at a far less prohibitive cost—while contributing to the success of future professionals and entrepreneurs.

Identifying the right time to post jobs, however, can be a tad tricky. Post too early, and potential interns won’t be looking yet. Post too late, and the cream of the crop will already be taken. So when is the ideal time to find that perfect intern? read more…

Are You Using These Recruiter Training Tips To Optimize Your Hiring Team?

Filling a position can be a tough task. You have to find the right talent, but you don’t want just anyone to sit at that desk. You need fresh talent that is going to take your company to new heights, and be a great asset to your team.

While you may be busy, you might delegate some of your recruiting tasks to other recruiters. At the same time, they probably have their hands full, and might not be taking the time to bring in best and the brightest to review. That being said, Hiring Managers have a lot of power.

If they can provide candidates with a positive, individual experience during the recruitment process, they can bring in excellent new hires and make you look like the great employer that you truly are. However, if your Hiring Managers are making some common recruiting mistakes, you will have a hard time finding those superstar hires.

The good news is that there is any easy way for you to help your Hiring Managers avoid these pitfalls and end up with the best talent the job market has to offer… read more…