Talent Assessments

“Pre-hire assessments have become a powerful predictor of performance, retention and job satisfaction,” said Bersin by Deloitte. “Many organizations need an integrated recruitment platform such as SmartRecruiters to deliver and manage the wide variety of assessments on the market.”

7 Ways to Make Good Employees Great

“A superior leader is a person who can bring ordinary people together to achieve extraordinary results.” Many years ago, an entrepreneur told me that. He was right.

For most organizations, hiring the best talent is not a viable business strategy. The only way to get the best is to pay more than your competitors, and few companies are willing or able to do this.
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Why You Should Hire for Potential

Most new CEOs quickly come to realize that the recruitment of new team members is a time-consuming, albeit critically important, process. It can also be quite expensive, particularly if you find yourself continually hiring for challenging positions. Over time, companies learn how to recognize promising applicants, but it is nearly impossible to hold a perfect recruitment record. Those who come close, however, do so by assessing applicants against specific criteria, revising said criteria, and developing systems that suit their respective companies so that the process becomes repeatable and scalable. One practice that has worked well for my organization is focusing more on applicants who have the core skills rather than the experience on paper.
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Should You Hire for Skill or Hire for Will?

Recruiters are often tasked with the difficult task of choosing between a highly specialized employee able to perform specific duties versus a highly motivated employee able to perform many generalized functions.  Without a doubt, this is one of the more challenging situations most recruiters are likely to encounter.  On one hand, hiring for a very narrow skill set might solve an immediate problem but could quite possibly leave the company in a lurch when new challenges arise.  On the other hand, hiring a highly motivated person might be lead to a great long-term outcome but leave employers short on time and staff in the interim.  Not sure where to start?  Keep reading to discover key questions designed to help you decide which is the best fit both today and tomorrow.

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5 Non-Technical Interview Questions for Software Engineers

We all know that finding a developer isn’t easy. Here in New York, tech investment is heating up and tech startups are around every corner. The big Silicon Valley firms, like Facebook, Google and Twitter, have already been here for years and are hiring too. Then, all of a sudden, you’re interviewing a developer and she’s got the technical chops you need: she’s performed well on coding challenges, her whiteboard exercises look great and she knows your stack. You have to bring her on board ASAP, right? read more…