Zero Unemployment

Imagine a world where people who want to work, can work. Imagine a world where businesses that need talent, get talent. Imagine a world where hiring is easy. “Everyone has talent,” said Maya Angelou. Let’s reduce friction in the labor market, and get work for all talent.

In What Cities Are Employees Engaged and Disengaged?

Where are America’s most engaged employees?

To determine where employees across the country feel the most and least engaged, Quantum Workplace looked at the data collected for 41 cities as part of America’s 2013 Best Places to Work initiative. As part of the company’s 2014 Employee Engagement Trends Report, cities with 70 or more companies participating in Best Places To Work were ranked from most to least engaged based on the percentage of employees in each city’s engagement profile. The places that appear on this include cities and their surrounding suburban areas.
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An Entrepreneur’s Most Underrated Trait? Humility

When I mentioned this trait at a recent conference, it triggered more emails and responses from people than anything I’ve ever said. The trait isn’t one that you are likely to find in the publications, books, and speeches about entrepreneurs, which include characteristics like relentlessness and tenacity, ability to see the unknown, passion (which I think is overrated), drive, adaptability, and so on. After all, these are found in most entrepreneurs, even ones that do not consider themselves successful or ones that are weighing taking a job. So if these traits don’t matter, what does?

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The Problem with Recruiting

In the 1990s, recruiting was a paper processing exercise. Think desks full of resumes. Overqualified people doing manual tasks. A nightmare to track talent. Then came the internet. Aha! A gift to recruiters: the promise of paperless recruiting.

The machine followed. We thought, “No more manual tasks! No more stacks of paper resumes!” Talent just fills out the form, and viola, they have entered the applicant tracking system.
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