Codility + SmartRecruiters: Interview Less and Hire More Technical Talent

Hiring developers is a challenge for recruiters. Resumes do a bad job conveying a developer’s actual coding skill. And if you need to hire a lot of developers, you need to wade through a lot of bad resume data. To hire without headaches, you need a system to understand how good developers are and to arrange piles of resumes into a useful order to start your interview process.

However, what is the best way to assess coding skills? The traditional way of asking developers to write code on a whiteboard is usually a bad idea. First, there’s a limitation on how complex you can go by writing on a whiteboard. Second, developers want to be assessed on their skills in a normal coding situation: they generally don’t like to be put into unusual social situations where they have to write code on a whiteboard, in a way that doesn’t match any normal coding process. Developers want to be assessed on their skills in a normal coding situation.

Now there is a smarter way of assessing coding skills. Thanks to the new partnership between SmartRecruiters and Codility, you can trigger online coding assessments to your candidates in seconds.

Enter Codility to solve your developer hiring headaches

Codility makes finding candidates and testing their’ coding skills and coding behavior simple. By using Codility before you go through the time consuming task of interviewing candidates you can:

  • Avoid sending people who can’t code to your development team and wasting their time.
  • Start your interview process from the best coders first, reducing your time-to-hire by up to 70%.

How Codility Works

Codility creates and maintains a curated library of programming tasks. You pick the tasks that match your recruitment needs and send them to your candidates to complete online. Codility then automatically assesses the resulting code to filter the candidates with the best coding skills.. You get a clear score back for each candidate and you can choose to start interviewing from those who score the best!

And it’s the best of both worlds – your candidates get to do what they love: to write a piece of software in a normal environment instead of being trapped, sweating at a whiteboard.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 1.19.34 PM

So far Codility has given well over 2 million code assessments and we help companies like Sony, PayPal, EA, Nokia, Samsung, MIT and Intel with their hiring

With Codility you test fundamental coding skills

A great technical hire is someone who is a good programmer at their core and can apply their skills to any problem or task. After all, you don’t want to end up with someone who can luckily pass your company specific test but then can’t code your next project.

Deploying Codility tests inside SmartRecruiters

Codility is excited to partner to SmartRecruiters. Our passion is narrow but deep: automated programming skills assessment to deliver a great experience to candidates and boost your productivity. SmartRecruiters shares the same passion: their TA platform delivers an unparalleled mobile and social candidate experience that engages hiring managers along the way, supercharging recruiter productivity.

Our partnership allows you to make Codility tests an integral part of your hiring process in SmartRecruiters, empowering recruiters to automatically trigger assessments and see the test results right from the candidate profile page inside SmartRecruiters. Easy, simple, no sweat required!

You can either send a candidate an assessment directly from the candidate’s profile page, or incorporate assessments into your workflow. Check below three easy steps to have Codility as part of your hiring process:

Assessment Steps

1. In the hiring process page, add “Skills Test” as a new step. Remember that Corporate plan customers have the convenience of creating a specific hiring process for combinations of org fields. In other words, you can specify a workflow with for the Engineering department in France if you’d like.

2. After adding the new step, click on the gear icon on the upper right part of the icon. A new page will open where you can choose you assessment vendor and test. Choose “Codility” and select the test you prefer to be added to your hiring step.

3.  After hitting “save”, Codility assessments will be automatically triggered to you candidates, without any headaches. You can follow up the status and results of the assessments in the lower right hand corner of your candidates’ profiles.

Like the idea but need some more insight?

Learn more about using Codility in SmartRecruiters here, and have a Codility expert contact you to run you through the system and/or put you in touch with other users to talk about good practices!


This article was written by Stephen Croome at Codility, who helps tell the story of a company which helps you understand how good a developer really is.


Watch the product tour to see how our enterprise recruiting software can empower you to find, engage and hire great talent.
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