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Collaboration in Motion: New Mobile Interview Hub for Spring 2017

Want to build a great team and hire the best? First, scrap the idea of using an “applicant tracking system.” That seems so demeaning. After all, candidates are real live human beings, not assets to be tracked like inventory with bar codes.

That’s why SmartRecruiters gives organizations talent acquisition solutions that create a delightful candidate experience that impresses top talent.

But our clients are human beings, too. And too many hiring teams constantly struggle to work together and coordinate interviews with legacy tools that actually get in the way of effective collaboration.

One new feature in our Spring Release helps put an end to those struggles, making life a lot easier for hiring managers, interviewers, and candidates.

In addition to the exceptional Independent Feedback tool Natalia Baryshnikova wrote about earlier this week, our new Spring Release includes even more valuable collaboration functionality, specifically for managing interviews and associated workflow.

One tool is our new Mobile Interview Hub, a great addition to the SmartRecruiters Hiring App — a simply and elegantly designed app for iPhone and Android that’s a joy to use and makes collaboration so much easier.

All you need to know when you’re on the go

Being a hiring manager isn’t a job itself, but rather the responsibility of leaders who also have plenty of other priorities to juggle. The same holds true for interviewers on hiring teams.

I’ve watched plenty of executives try to coordinate and manage interviews using some of those older legacy systems, and it’s not a pretty sight. There’s way too much complexity and using those tools on your phone isn’t any easier. It can even be ugly!

That was the inspiration to turn all that complexity into simplicity and transparency. We envisioned something different and imagined what life would be like as clients used this new app.

For example: Let’s say you’re running a bit late — scrambling to get to your next interview and focus on what’s essential. Who is the candidate? What is their background? As you’re on your way to the interview, use the Mobile Interview Hub to quickly and easily review a candidate’s profile, resume, and more.

That’s a lot less stress, which makes your interview a lot more productive.

Would reviewing notes from another candidate you interviewed a few days ago help? No problem. And when your interview is over and you have a few minutes, just a few taps on your phone lets you submit feedback, contact other hiring team members, and much more.

Our new Mobile Interviewing Hub isn’t hard to understand at all. That’s the whole point. What’s really hard to understand is why nobody ever introduced a tool like this before.

Kelly Fang

Kelly Fang is a Product Manager at SmartRecruiters