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Connect Talent To Jobs: Interview with CNBC

It is no secret the labor market and unemployment rates are a dark shadow hanging over the US. Just recently it was announced that approximately 1.3 million Americans are at risk of losing their unemployment benefits.

At SmartRecruiters employment is obviously something we’re extremely invested in. We started with a mission, to end unemployment, and from that mission grew a platform seeking to reduce friction in the labor market. Recognizing our commitment to labor related issues, CNBC asked Maksim Ovsyanikov, our SVP of Product, to comment on the current employment situation. Ovsyanikov said, “one way to solve this issue is to stop focusing on creating new jobs and start focusing on how to help people find all of these amazing opportunities and jobs out there for them.”

Watch the full video:

We realize that the issue of a broken labor market will not be solved overnight. But we do plan on disrupting the market enough that more people and more companies will be matched with a job that’s right for them. To learn more about SmartRecruiters’ plans to end unemployment, check out Zero Unemployment and participate in our Give Labor Day Events.

Lexie Forman-Ortiz

Lexie Forman-Ortiz is the Community Manager at SmartRecruiters.