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Weekly Update: Convenient, Secure Payment Methods

In our release this week, we focused on making payment methods, like your credit cards, more convenient to manage in your SmartRecruiters acount. See the video below for a quick overview of how this works. Payments

You can now securely store multiple credit cards in your account settings under payment methods. We do not store sensitive payment information in SmartRecruiters but allow you to seamlessly manage it in your account with our payment service provider.

Authorizing Users

We also make it easier for you to manage your recruiting budget across departments. For each payment method, you can authorize users to purchase job boards, candidate databases and recruiter services for their jobs.


In the new year, we’re adding more databases for sourcing passive candidates in your talent pool, as well as more recruiting service options to help you hire the best people for your jobs.

Amy Craig

Software product marketer.