Customize Any Career Site with RESTful Job Posting API

One of the most powerful ways to find top talent is to build a great employer brand. The careers site is at the heart of it and we want to enable you to make our applications and services part of your employer brand. That’s why we chose to expose the Posting API and allow you to build beautiful career sites that highlight the job ads you create in SmartRecruiters

Job Posting API


It’s a super easy, open, RESTful API exposing Jobs’ data. It gives you all the flexibility you can’t get with the standard, out of the box solutions. With the new API you can build an interactive career sites and implement whatever you want and however you want. Check out this example, courtesy of Refinery29’s career page:


refinery29 jobs


Main features of the new job posting API include but are not limited to:

  • Listing all posted jobs

  • Advanced filtering options on the following objects: country, region, city, department, custom field

  • Keyword search

  • Paging

  • Retrieving all job details, such as: Job Title, Organisation details, Location, Job Ad content, Apply URL


You can do all the amazing things with it, like:

  • Dynamic job search

  • Mark jobs on an interactive map

  • Build user friendly lists of jobs and add filtering and paging to ease navigation

  • Use your favorite CMS system and analytic tools as now, you host the career site and only consume jobs data from SmartRecruiters

  • Build mobile apps

  • Create responsive career sites

This job posting API is a feature of SmartRecruiters Premium, which is everything you need to optimize your entire hiring process, including analytics and premium levels of support.

You can explore this and our other APIs by visiting our developer portal.

Watch the product tour to see how our enterprise recruiting software can empower you to find, engage and hire great talent.
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Jakub Lazinski Technical Product Manager, SmartRecruiters
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