Discrimination Against the Unemployed

Have you heard? “NO UNEMPLOYED CANDIDATES WILL BE CONSIDERED AT ALL.” The Huffington Post reported this capitalized quote from an actual job ad. This is not an isolated case. Time Magazine, CNNMoney, other newspapers and blogs across the country have all published stories on how some companies and recruiters are writing variations of “Unemployed Need Not Apply” in their job ads.

If someone can do the job, someone can do the job. How many of those someones are not even being considered for the opportunity because of discrimination against the unemployed?

Employment is a mutual decision between the business and the employee. Even with the greatest skills, it is more than more than likely you will be unemployed at some point in your career. If every business endorsed “Unemployed Need Not Apply,” would you ever work again?

I’m asking a lot questions because I do not understand how results produced and skills possessed could possibly be less important than current employment status. This disturbing trend should not be accepted. Businesses must look to hire on skills and fit, instead of statuses.

To contribute better business practices within the hiring process visit the Zero Unemployment Movement or use the hastag, #ZeroUE.

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