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Embrace Diversity within your Sourcing Strategy

Embracing diversity turns out to be significant business win for companies, not just a moral win. At Entelo, we see repeated evidence that diverse teams lead to greater performance, increased innovation and more market share. Why? Businesses benefit from a broad mix of ideas and experiences more than from a single, homogenous thought. Rather than growing a rigid monoculture, where only a single type of plant is grown, companies can cultivate polycultures that include multiple plant species and thus yield more productive crops.

Many of the world’s leading organizations have recognized this and are taking steps towards improving their diversity ratios. That’s great news.

How do you build a truly diverse workforce?

The availability of big data and the rise of predictive analytics can greatly help. Because of modern computing and the ever-growing body of data from social networks, we now have more information about a person’s background than ever before — including gender, ethnicity, veteran status, etc. While the data isn’t complete or perfect, it certainly eliminates a good amount of guesswork that organizations and their talent teams had to do before.

Start sourcing diverse and high quality candidates today

At Entelo, we’ve built candidate search software that finds diverse talent. And we’ve made it extra easy for SmartRecruiters customers — you source a diverse pool of great candidates within Entelo and export them into the SmartRecruiters platform with a single click. Learn more by visiting Entelo in the SmartRecruiters Marketplace.


This article was written by Chau Mai, Director of Product Marketing at Entelo.
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