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Episode 8 – Want to Boost Your Recruiting ROI by 6X? Start an Alumni Network

Have you ever left a job and later wished you could return? Or maybe you’ve experienced what it’s like to lose a great employee, knowing if they ever asked to come back you’d extend the opportunity without hesitation. If so, this episode of the Hiring Success podcast is for you. 

James Sinclair, founder and chief executive of EnterpriseAlumni, joins us for a discussion about corporate alumni programs. They enable large organizations such as the Lufthansa Group, Nestle, HSBC, P&G, and LinkedIn to actively engage and harness the power of their corporate alumni for a variety of purposes including talent acquisition, business development, mentoring, and more.

The argument for having corporate alumni programs in place is certainly convincing. According to James, alumni and alumni referrals are the number one and two sources of new hires for the majority of companies—career boards are number six. Additionally, alumni and alumni referrals stay on board, on average, two years longer than other hires.

You can find more research and insights on alumni programs here.


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