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Fall 2017 Product Launch: SmartRecruiters OS Ecosystem Integrates Facebook, Google, and Slack

Fall means beautiful heaps of russet leaves – ripe for the jumping-in but even more exciting, Fall means more features in the SmartRecruiters Ecosystem. It’s here! The latest Product Release! Integrations that will save time, encourage collaboration, and boost candidate experience.

When we say integration we mean partnership with the platforms you already use like Facebook, Google Job Search, and Slack so you can work where you work best with the full power of SmartRecruiters’ Talent Acquisition Suite behind you.

Open up a channel in Slack with other interviewers, use Facebook to create a job marketing campaign, or narrow down your job hunt by commute time with Google Job Search – all these things are now possible within the SmartRecruiters ecosystem

Our OS ecosystem will now include these major players to enhance each step of the recruiting process from attracting to selecting to hiring. It’s all about saving you time so that you can invest in relationships with the right candidates. Because we think technology should help us be better more personal humans.

And that’s why these small tweaks and add-ons are actually a big deal!

Maybe you’re waiting for a promising candidate to graduate you can use the Defer Candidate feature to resurface them at the right time and on the other side if you know a candidate is a poor fit immediately (heartbreaking but it happens) you can utilize the Delayed Rejection option to observe an appropriate period of consideration. Recruiters can also expedite the vetting process with Screening Automation that uses enhanced screening questions to sort through applicants more efficiently.

We give you the reigns with the right amount of flexibility and control to tailor the experience to the needs of your business. In the end we want you to feel in command of the hiring process. It should be a good for everyone.

One key component of how we fit with your business is the language we use. Now pretty much wherever you are you can find the front and back end languages you need from our system. We are adding more languages to the platform’s back office functionality, including traditional Chinese, Hungarian, Japanese, Portuguese and Slovak, on top of the 12 other languages it currently supports, and is adding new candidate languages, including Greek, Indonesian and Ukrainian, to the 30 other candidate languages currently supported.
Feature Close-ups

Facebook – As our collaboration with Facebook develops we continue to support customers with the out-of-the-box Facebook app, full Share to functionalities and most recently the ability to create targeted advertising campaigns with the power of facebook and the support of SmartRecruiters marketing team.

Google Jobs Search –  Take your jobs to the top of the search list! Our Alpha partnership with Google makes it easier for our custom jobs to be discovered by candidates. Part of this partnership includes improved access to detailed information like job location and commute time via Google Maps, with all our job ads. With the new Google Job Search functionality, candidates won’t have to navigate cumbersome job boards to find relevant opportunities which means more completed applications.

Slack –Reduce clicks and encourage collaboration. You can now automatically create job channels in Slack from the SmartRecruiters platform based on hiring team. Participants are also able to unfurl links via the Slack app, providing direct access to candidate and job profiles for recruiters, hiring managers and interviewers. No switching in and out of apps!

Defer Candidate – Keep your company’s candidate pipeline relevant. Resurface candidates at the appropriate time within the SmartRecruiters platform. No externally-triggered reminder needed!

Delayed Rejection – This upgrade to the Rejections feature enables recruiters to delay a rejection email to a candidate, so that they still have the feeling of being considered instead of simply “screened by a robot”. This is a way for recruiters to respect the time investment of the candidate and ensure a positive experience even when delivering bad news.

Amazon Alexa – SmartRecruiters is excited to integrate Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant into our candidate platform to make it easier for candidates who use Echo to check their application status and send messages to recruiters using Alexa voice commands. This feature will be accessible to everyone at the start of next year is currently on available to select users.

Wherever communication is happening is where we want to be and we look forward to integrating with more and more platforms in the future. You choose where you do the work and we help with the how. Our OS is built to expand as the needs of our customers change and grow with a dynamic ecosystem that’s built for innovation and a team that’s always looking ahead. Winter is coming but unlike the gorgeous autumn leaves, these features are here to stay and will only get better.

Link to full press release!

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