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Gameloft: Finding The Best Candidates The World Over

Gameloft‘s profile is filled with some pretty astronomical numbers, which isn’t that surprising when you consider it is the world’s largest publisher of mobile and video games. With 3 million daily downloads, 140 million monthly users and 2016 sales of $256 million, Gameloft clearly doesn’t do things on a small scale.

However, that’s not the end of Gameloft’s impressive haul of integers, as all this progress was made thanks to 6,000 employers in 48 offices in 30 countries. That means there’s barely a time zone without a Gameloft office.

Recruiting Locally, Globally

Since Gameloft has spread into diverse and myriad countries, it needed a way to ensure standardized recruitment processes across all its offices, while simultaneously allowing for flexibility on the local scale.

Unfortunately, the applicant tracking system that may have served Gameloft in the early years wasn’t up to the task of hiring both  globally AND locally. Furthermore, a drawn out and convoluted recruitment process could have been deterring countless talented candidates. As Gameloft HR Manager Romain Delebecque explains:

“Whether hiring a software architect in Romania or a game designer in Vietnam, we need to make sure that the application process is smooth and represents a company that the best developers in the world want to work for — in any office worldwide.”

That’s why, in 2016, Gameloft found a new solution: SmartRecruiters.

Global Data All In One Place

SmartRecruiters’ Talent Acquisition Platform provided the ideal response to the needs of an expanding, global company. Here are just some of the ways how:

  • SmartRecruiters is localized in 16 user languages and 35 candidate facing ones, allowing Gameloft’s diverse recruiters and candidates to communicate clearly in their native languages.
  • Clear and concise reporting, applicant tracking and data-backed metrics provides both recruiters with unprecedented visibility. No more lengthy email chains asking for updates or information, it’s all available on one dashboard. As Delebecque says, for a global recruiter “it’s all about the data.”
  • SmartRecruiters allows for additional tools and infrastructure to be easily integrated into the platform. This promotes local flexibility and means recruiters spend more time assessing candidates and less time navigating clunky software.
  • The ease of use of SmartRecruiters for both users and candidates, including one click applications, means Gameloft can cultivate a positive candidate experience that best matches the innovativeness of their company.

To hear more from Romain Delebecque, read SmartRecruiters’ full Gameloft case study:  Hire the world’s best talent in 30 countries? Game on!


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