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GDPR Readiness Part 3: Partner Up

Now that you’ve installed a deep and constant privacy-first approach, and have updated your privacy policy, you’re ready to:

Select the Right Partners for Compliance

The GDPR is an expansive piece of legislation that requires organizations to devote a great deal of thought, effort, and resources to demonstrating compliance, while also respecting the rights of data subjects – who can now impose certain requests and restrictions on the use of their personal data. The process is onerous, and it’s been reported that some companies are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to prepare.

And while this can seem overwhelming, the good news is you’re not alone, because GDPR imposes obligations and requirements on Data Processors as well as Data Collectors. For employers, this means vendors and applications who help facilitate or enhance your recruiting processes are now also required to help facilitate compliance under the GDPR.

For recruiting and TA leaders, the use of HR technology can greatly help with performing some of your objectives, specific to compliant recruiting data. While you’re working through the inventory phase of your preparedness, it’s worth taking time to survey your recruiting partners and suppliers, and see where they can lend help with reaching your GDPR compliance objectives.

As data processors, we at SmartRecruiters have been working hard to ensure compliance for our 3,000+ customers, and look forward to long, prosperous, GDPR-compliant relationships with all of them.

For more information on getting your company ready for GDPR tune into one of our on-demand webinars.

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Jennifer Goode

Jennifer Goode