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Give Labor Day

Give Labor Day Mission Statement

What is Give Labor Day?

On Labor Day, help a friend find a job. We encourage you to add the word, “Give,” to Labor Day. Before enjoying a well-earned day off on September 3, give a minute, practicing a few simple actions to helping someone find satisfying employment.

Labor Day has always been a time to remember and celebrate achievement. The US Department of Labor describes Labor Day’s founding as “a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.” However for millions of us, there isn’t labor to celebrate.

SmartRecruiters founded the Zero Unemployment Movement with the belief that the elimination of friction in the hiring process can create full employment.

The “Give Labor Day” Initiative urges everyone to take tangible, specific actions to improve the lives of the unemployed and underemployed.

We will continue this Initiative each year and hope that job assistance becomes a social responsibility of Labor Day as community service is a social responsibility of Martin Luther King Day.

Give Labor Day

How to Help?

Volunteer, and Share the Good Word. Stay up to date on volunteer tips and Initiative progress on the Give Labor Day Facebook page, or by following the the Twitter hashtag of #GiveLabor. Essentially, there will be conversations and meetups across the country on Sept. 3 to put a helping hand forward in helping the unemployed and underemployed find satisfying work. Give Back.

Over the next week, SmartRecruiters will publish documents that make it easy to: (1) improve a candidate’s social profiles, (2) facilitate introductions, or (3) give resume, cover letter, and interview counseling. Get Involved.

Give Labor Day

David Smooke

David Smooke was the Director of Content Marketing and Social Media at SmartRecruiters and is the Founder of ArtMap Inc & AMI Publications.