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Give Labor Day at SmartRecruiters

In advance of this September 5 Labor Day, SmartRecruiters CEO and Zero Unemployment Movement founder Jerome Ternynck encourages everyone to add the word, “Give,” to Labor Day.

Before enjoying a well-earned day off on September 5, Ternynck proposes we all take fifteen minutes of our time to help a friend get a job.

Labor Day has always been a time to remember and celebrate achievement. The United States Department of Labor describes Labor Day’s founding as “a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.” However for millions of us, there isn’t labor to celebrate. The Zero Unemployment Movement’s “Give Labor Day” Initiative urges everyone to take tangible, specific actions to help the unemployed.


Here’s How SmartRecruiters prepared:

So what are YOU going to do for Give Labor Day?


UPDATE: The Difference Made in Giving Labor by SmartRecruiters.

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David Smooke

David Smooke was the Director of Content Marketing and Social Media at SmartRecruiters and is the Founder of ArtMap Inc & AMI Publications.