Give Labor Day


In honor of Labor Day, SmartRecruiters encourages you to help a friend find a job


SmartRecruiters, the hiring platform, announces its third annual Give Labor Initiative, where the company asks you to help a friend find a job. If you know someone unemployed or underemployed, spend fifteen minutes helping with their job search.

Labor Day has always been a time to remember and celebrate achievements. The United States Department of Labor describes Labor Day’s founding as “a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.” However for 11.7 million unemployed and 22 million underemployed workers, there isn’t much labor to celebrate.

SmartRecruiters believes that the elimination of friction in the hiring process can create full employment. It is an ambitious goal that cannot be reached overnight. However, we know that in helping the unemployed and underemployed by: (1) improving their resume and/or social media presence, (2) interview counseling, and (3) facilitating introductions, Give Labor Day will be a day to better America’s labor market.

Following Labor Day, SmartRecruiters will open its San Francisco headquarters to all job seekers (56 Tehama Street) from 4 to 7 pm on Tuesday September 3 to provide free and professional jobs search consultations to the unemployed and underemployed job seekers [Register Here]. Premier Staffing, a partner in the recruiter marketplace, will also be in attendance, volunteering to consult job seekers.

Give Labor will continue each year, and we hope that job assistance becomes a social responsibility of Labor Day, as community service is a social responsibility of Martin Luther King Day.


Watch the product tour to see how our enterprise recruiting software can empower you to find, engage and hire great talent.
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David Smooke Director Content Marketing, SmartRecruiters David Smooke is the SmartRecruiters Director of Content Marketing & Social Media. He runs the SmartRecruiters Blog.
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