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gloProfessional’s Social Media Recruitment Strategy

Finding the right candidate for a growing company can be a challenging task regardless of your industry. As a growing skincare and mineral makeup company, we knew we had a receptive group of knowledgeable beauty and brand enthusiasts right at our fingertips in our social media audience. However, reaching this potential gold mine of candidates would mean targeting them with the right message, at the right time. Working closely with our Corporate Recruiter, Cassandra Murray, we developed the following social media recruiting strategies, and you can repeat them!


1) Integration is Key: To attract the best candidates the key for us was to seamlessly integrate our social recruiting strategy into our current content marketing strategy which focuses on beautiful images and highly shareable content.  It’s important to blend our recruiting posts in with our existing content for a positive and cohesive brand message for both potential candidates and our customers.


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2) Customize Your Message: Our talented designer created a beautiful image that we knew would appeal to our recruiting target –  beauty lovers and industry professionals. Since at any given time we are recruiting for several different positions, we kept the message simple and direct while providing a link that referred interested candidates to more detailed information. Keeping the message simple, pretty and concise helps the post be more “shareable” and less like a fussy ad. We had several fans share our recruiting image with comments like, “Great opportunity for Esthetic graduates!” We couldn’t have asked for a better genuine endorsement!


3) Timing is Everything: As with all posts in the social media world, there is a fine line between providing regular and relevant content and bombarding followers with posts that can be seen as spam. Since “We’re Hiring” posts are relevant to just a small portion of our followers, they can teeter on the edge of being spam-like to the majority. So instead of posting on our organization’s fan page every time there is a new opening, we plan our recruiting posts once a month. This keeps our followers engaged and loving our content and leaves the daily posting of openings to relevant job sites managed by our Corporate Recruiter.


By implementing these strategies we’ve seen a surge in qualified applicants while maintaining our loyal social media fan base and staying true to our brand. Using social media for recruiting has helped attract candidates who are already passionate about what it is that we do which can make a world of difference when it comes to finding the right match.

Amy Foster gloProfessionalAmy Foster is Digital Community Coordinator (Digital Commerce & Media) at gloProfessional, a cosmetics and skincare company dedicated to providing our customers with what we call beauty with a higher purpose.

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Amy Foster