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Hire 18 Sponsor: RolePoint

It’s one of the last thorns in the side of recruiting technology: the referral. But one company thinks they’ve got it figured out, and at Hiring Success 18, they’ve put their money where their mouth is.

Recruitment teams around the world are using RolePoint as a complete referral solution to harness social capital, bringing talent acquisition in line with today’s hyper-connected world. RolePoint gives the power to manage all referral incentives without messy spreadsheets or calendar reminders, and deep analytics clarify how the program is working. Connected with every major ATS or HRIS, RolePoint proactively updates the status of employee-referred candidates. This gives talent leaders control over generating referrals within their organization, focusing on high growth and hard-to-fill positions.

We asked co-founder Kes Thygesen about his company’s Hire18 sponsorship, and what hiring success means to him.

What made you decide to not only attend, but support Hire18 financially?
RolePoint is headquartered in San Francisco and we love being engaged in our own city, with talent leaders who are passionate about recruiting as well! We feel it’s our duty to help support Hire18, which brings industry leaders together to share their unique perspectives on the changing world of talent acquisition.

What is the biggest takeaway you hope to achieve?

We want to further our relationships with talent acquisition leaders who are passionate about building the greatest teams and who want to make an impact at their company.

Where should hiring be on a company’s list of priorities?

Hiring is any company’s #1 priority. SmartRecruiters motto says it best, that “you are who you hire.”

What are you most looking forward to about the conference?

The energy, passion, and positivity that brings similar-minded people together. We are also thrilled to help connect our brand in person with innovators and leaders in the talent acquisition space.

Why do conferences still matter in the digital age?

No technological advancement can compete with an in-person connection, and conferences are the best way to immerse oneself to learn, engage, and interact.

What does Hiring Success mean to you?

Hiring Success means the must-attend conference of 2018 to those who want to innovate and reinvent recruiting as well as the best opportunity to network with hundreds of TA leaders and hear their personal experiences.

Peter Braun

Peter Braun