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First Annual Recruiting Startup of the Year Award

Vote now for the first annual recruiting startup of the year RSOTY to be awarded this Spring at Hiring Success 18 in San Francisco March 12-14.

Is there a future where hiring better is predictable and repeatable? The giants have tried – and for the most part, failed – so we think it’s time to give the little guys a chance to show us what they’ve got at this year’s Hire18. Register here!

Lazio Block, Google’s Senior Vice-President for People Operations told LinkedIn, “We looked at tens of thousands of interviews, at everyone who had done the interviews, what they scored the candidate, and how that person ultimately performed in their job. We found zero relationship. It’s a complete random mess.”  

Startups have heard the distress signal, and techies around the world are working on the question of ‘How do we make hiring better?’

The approaches are as varied as the problems they address, from blockchain to AI, from privacy to inherent bias.

Over the next months, you’ll see over 100 startup profiles featured on Hiring Success Journal and SmartRecruiters social media. And it’s your job to vote for the startup you think gives the best answer for making hiring success the norm.

Of the nominated startups, the six with the most votes will be invited to Hire18 in San Francisco, March 12-14, to pitch their ideas to 1000+ TA Leaders like Amir Ashkenazi, founder of  Uncommon; Tigran Sloyan, creator of CodeFights; Kathryn Minshew, founder of the TheMuse; and Lisa Wang, founder of SheWorx, which boasts a global network of 20,000 female founders.

One of these six will be selected by a group of C-Suite experts and industry analysts for the ultimate prize of a Gold Sponsorship to Hiring Success 19, worth $10,000 which includes a branded booth and dedicated demo-room for customers to interact with their product.

You can start voting now! (Though there’s still time to submit nominations if you think we missed someone great).

The running list of startups include, Wonderkind, Drafted, Ratedly, Paysa, Talview, Job Pal, Roikoi, Sapling,, Botmatic, Honeypot, Vettd, Journey, and easyREcrue with more to come…

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